How Does Records Storage Work?

Throughout the process of running your business, there are many documents created each day. If those documents are created on paper, then you are quite aware of the amount of room that those daily documents can take up over time. Electronic documents also take up room, but instead of physical space they will take up. . . [Full Article]

Digital Scanning for the Healthcare Industries

Today, healthcare is one of the largest and most dominant industries for the American economy. In an effort to supply accurate results to patients and family members, it’s crucial that hospitals here in Augusta, are staying at the forefront of technology, making updates and changes as needed. Document scanning, electronic record keeping and data protection techniques are becoming. . . [Full Article]

6 Things to Know About Using our Drop-Off Shredding Service

Secure shredding provides a lot of benefits. From ensuring your documents do not end up in the wrong hands to providing some added environmental benefits, and of course, emptying up those storage areas that were clogged up with documents you didn’t need but weren’t sure how to get rid of. This isn’t just something small. . . [Full Article]

Score a Hole-In-One with your Document Management Program

Maintaining a quality document management program that covers all the steps in the document life cycle is a crucial component for any business. Whether you are managing HR and personnel files, medical records, legal documents, financial statements, or the bulk of other proprietary information that exists in the business world today, you need to have. . . [Full Article]