A Look Inside our Records Management Facilities

We have a lot of cool stuff at Augusta Data Storage that most of our clients never get to see. So, today we’re taking you guys behind the scenes of our Records Management facilities to get an inside look at some of our facilities and the things that make our operation so unique!    . . . [Full Article]

Why Use a Dedicated Service Provider for Document Imaging

If your Georgia business has updated any of its office equipment within the last decade, chances are somewhere in your office you have a scanner. It’s also likely that you’ve never considered having someone dedicated to operating that scanner while creating a digital database of your businesses’ paper documents. Let’s talk about that. Document imaging. . . [Full Article]

Annual Bulk Purges vs. Scheduled Shredding which is right for you?

Many Augusta area businesses find themselves in need of secure destruction solutions, at least every once in a while, and they often are left wondering, which is right for them? Annual purge projects or regularly scheduled shredding? The shortest and easiest answer to this question is “both.” That might seem like overkill, but when you. . . [Full Article]