Improve Document Security for your Home Office.

Work From home? You Still need to take Measures to Ensure Document Security. Just because you work at home, doesn’t mean your information is not at risk; especially if you work remotely for an organization that handles sensitive information. Having a process to manage those papers while you’re using them and disposing of them after. . . [Full Article]

Healthcare Businesses: How Does Your Records Management System Hold Up?

Records management can be a daunting subject to discuss, especially when referencing any business in the healthcare industry. Healthcare operations, especially those dealing with patient information, are subject to many strict rules outlined under HIPAA. A significant amount of these laws and regulations involve the processes these businesses use when managing their records (particularly those. . . [Full Article]

Staggering Statistics to Support Hard Drive Destruction

Information security continues to be at the forefront of personal and corporate data concerns. As a society, we rely more and more on digital devices each day, and every day hackers become smarter and more advanced with their attempts to compromise our information for their personal gain. Whether you manage business assets and customer information. . . [Full Article]