Benefits of Partnering with a Professional Medical Document Scanning Service

Over the years more and more health care professionals have made the move to electronic records, Why?  Digital file keeping saves money, streamlines information accessibility and contributes to document security levels. However, the process of “going digital” isn’t always an easy one. Not only are you creating digital records for the future, you are also. . . [Full Article]

Keep Your Documents Secure at Work in the New Year

Protecting sensitive information at your place of business is more important than ever. Theft and misuse of confidential information about customers, employees, financial details, or the company itself can be disastrous. Personal and business identity theft continues to grow which can enable fraud on an extremely escalated level.  Of course there are also significant legal. . . [Full Article]

Destroy Your Hard Drives: Deleting Doesn’t Guarantee Data Removal

Did you know that sensitive files stay on a hard drive and can be accessed, regardless of how old or outdated a computer may look? If not properly cleaned or destroyed, confidential electronic communication such as emails, banking, financial and tax records, price lists, and customer details could be obtained causing a security breach that may. . . [Full Article]

Has your business considered going digital? Here’s why you should.

In relation to information security it seems that more and more companies are opting to go digital, and with good reason. Transferring your documents to digital format is one of the most trusted approaches to ensure all of your bases have been totally covered. If you  are considering making the transition to electronic record keeping, take a look at. . . [Full Article]