4 Ways Our Client Portal Can Improve Your RIM Processes

At Augusta Data Storage, we pride ourselves on responding to every client call with direct and reliable support. Fortunately, many features of that quality customer service can be conveniently exercised even after office hours thanks to our easily accessible online assistance. Here are four ways you can take your Records Information Management (RIM) needs into. . . [Full Article]

Scan on Demand: An Expedited Option for Retrieval Access

For clients storing records in off-site storage facilities, robust retrieval access options are an important element in the vendor selection process. While storage capabilities and security of your records should be major considerations, knowing how to access your archived records when and where you need them is key to a successful records management program. At. . . [Full Article]

Creating Accountability in Your Records Information Management Processes

Developing Records Information Management (RIM) processes for any business requires the coordination of various aspects of how people use, store, transfer, and dispose of the records you manage. A comprehensive RIM process outlines details about how to manage and oversee information security during every step of the document life-cycle, but one of the most crucial. . . [Full Article]