As theft of personal or financial information continues to grown, so does the importance of protecting the private information of your business or organization, which is why we want to share 5 easy tips with you today to help keep your records secure.


STEP 1: Develop a Record Retention Policy

Having a plan in place will help to ensure that all employees know how digital and paper information should be treated. Outline Items that need to be securely stored, including how long they should be stored. Additionally, include the process for destroying both paper and digital records at the end of their useful life.


STEP 2:  Make sure digital AND physical storage is secure and monitored.

For physical records, ensure they are kept in locked cabinets or rooms whose access are regularly monitored. Digital records add an additional layer of security risk, as they can be accessed by people NOT inside your building. Its important to ensure your servrers are secure and monitored regularly and that employees use safe passwords which are regularly updated.


STEP 3: Implement a Clean Desk Policy

Encourage your employees to keep papers properly filed and stored away and to keep computers locked, and items like laptops, tablets, and external hard drives locked away when not in use. Limiting easy-access to information is an easy way to add an extra barrier of protection.



The easiest way to protect yourself is to shred everything. Don’t wonder whether or not papers are safe to toss in the trash. This goes for electronics too! Did you know you can shred hard drives and other electronic devices? It’s the most secure way to protect the information on your end of life electronics, and we can help!


STEP 5: Educate your team!

Education is important, and making sure all your employees are on the same page about record security expectations and the reasons they are important will help protect your information. Many studies point to employee error as one of the leading causes of information breaches, so make sure they have the tools to help protect your organization!


Implementing these 5 tips should have you well on your way to creating extra barriers of security for the private information your business handles! If you thought these tips were helpful let us know by liking this or sharing it with your friends. Here’s an extra bonus tip! Trust the experts! From secure record storage to document and electronic waste destruction, Augusta Data Storage provides an all-in-one solution for your document security needs. If you’d like to know more about us or are looking for help with your records management processes, call us today at 706.793.0186, or visit us online at to learn more.