Tips to Help You Prepare for Secure Shredding Service


As information security continues to be a growing threat, more businesses and consumers are adopting secure shredding as the number one way to protect their hard-copy information. At Augusta Data Storage we offer a variety of solutions to fit the secure shredding needs of companies both small and large, as well as individuals living in the Augusta, GA area. Whether you’re looking for a secure shredding partner or are an experienced secure shredder, these tips are sure to assist you in understanding our secure shredding process.

What to Know about using our Secure Shredding Service:

  1. Shredding is for everyone
    Our customers frequently ask if our services are provided to local non-business customers, and the answer is yes! In addition to our community shred events, we also offer a walk-in shred service during regular business hours. Drop off a batch ready for destruction, and we’ll handle the secure shredding!
  1. Be Careful with your Clips
    When preparing documents for destruction, it’s important to know that we can’t accept items with large butterfly and binder clips. However, paperclips and staples are a-okay! Remember, remove any large clips from your documents before their arrival!
  1. Folders vs. Binders
    While we do accept documents in folders with tabs or small prongs, we don’t accept items residing within ringed binders. Be sure to remove all papers from any large binders, and never place binders into shred bins.
  1. Plan ahead
    Plan your pickup or purge 3-5 days in advance to allow our team to schedule your appointment, providing you with plenty of time to prepare your items. If you’d like to use our drop-off shredding services, we accept items during regular business hours Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.
  1. What else can we shred?
    Augusta Data Storage can shred more than paper! Our facilities are equipped to securely shred electronic waste, proprietary items and more! We provide a full list of what we can shred here, including but not limited to: CDs, hard drives, computers, plastics, x-rays, film, etc. If you’re looking to shred something a little more specific, contact us and see if we can accommodate your needs!
  1. We recycle!
    When our customers ask what happens to their shredded documents, we’re happy to say that Augusta Data Storage recycles all paper pulp at Georgia Pacific. Our recycled materials are directly used to create new products, reducing landfills and providing environmental savings.
  1. Watch your document shredding
    If you’d like to observe your document shredding in our plant, we can provide that experience by appointment. When you take advantage of our mobile shredding service, we display your items being shredded on a monitor located on our truck!
  1. How we charge for our secure shredding services
    Drop off Shredding is charged by weight with a minimum charge of $30. Our monthly service customers are billed by the tip, which means no matter how much you have to shred we only charge per facility visit.
  1. Facility certifications
    Augusta Data Storage is NAID AAA certified for document destruction and e-waste destruction. If you’d like to learn more about our certifications and their requirements, please look here.

Shredding Services and Preparation

  1. On-site Shredding
    Augusta Data Storage brings the shredding to you with our secure mobile units. We provide our clients with security knowing any sensitive information never has to leave their premises intact, offering secure containers for easy destruction and clean collection. We schedule and charge for on-site shredding according to volume and routine.
  1. Off-site Shredding
    From documents and electronic waste to specialized media and proprietary products, Augusta Data Storage can handle all your secure shredding needs. With our industrial equipment, we ensure destruction with zero-landfill solutions, providing you with a certificate of destruction upon completion.
  1. Drop-off Shredding
    For businesses and local residents in need of one time, small-batch shredding services, Augusta Data Storage offers drop-off shredding at our Augusta, GA facility. Simply drop-off your items and we’ll weigh and process them for destruction. Drop off services are billed by the pound and subject to a minimum service charge of $30. We also provide drop-off shredding for end-of-life electronic devices, such as old laptops and phones!
  1. Purging & Bulk Shredding
    Bulk shredding, or purging provides a quick and easy way to eliminate large volumes of out of date records and archived files. At completion of your purge job, Augusta Data Storage provides you with a certificate of destruction as a record of compliance. 

Augusta Data Storage seeks to provide a unique secure shredding solution no matter what your needs, from mobile shredding and walk-ins to e-waste purging and community shred events. Recycle when you shred with us, and receive certificates of destruction for your records. For any additional questions concerning our services and processes, contact us today!