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A Look Inside our Records Management Facilities

We have a lot of cool stuff at Augusta Data Storage that most of our clients never get to see. So, today we’re taking you guys behind the scenes of our Records Management facilities to get an inside look at some of our facilities and the things that make our operation so unique!



Augusta Data Storage Warehouse Space

Our storage facility boasts over 100,000 sq.ft. of warehouse space, between our records management operation and our relocation and storage operations.  Our main warehouse space holds over 500,000 records and construction is currently underway for an additional 26,000 square feet  to house our growing operation.

The ETG warehouse meets several safety and security requirements including:

  • A location above a 100 year flood zone
  • Restricted entry access at all major entry points
  • Fire safety systems, designed and approved by fire safety engineers
  • And racking and shelving systems designed by a structural engineer


Our newly constructed warehouse will be National Archives and Records Administration compliant. One of only 24 or so across the U.S. that meet the exact specifications for these specialty storage spaces.


Augusta Data Storage Secure Vault

In addition to our large warehouse, we also have a secure vault, perfect for those items that may require climate controlled storage. This secure vault is kept at 64 degrees, and is protected by a Halon Fire Suppression System. The vault has storage space for items including:

  • Thumb drives
  • CDs
  • Hard Drives
  • Storage Tapes
  • Film
  • And a variety of other media storage devices.


Augusta Data Storage Secure Shred Facility

Another really awesome part of our facility is our on-site shred plant, which processes over 2 Million lbs. of paper per year for recycling. Our shred facility recently added an electronic waste and hard drive shredding operation in 2015. This addition now allows us to provide secure destruction for end-of-life electronic devices.


If you are looking to take a more in-depth look at our facilities and all we have to offer at Augusta Data Storage, give us a call 706.793.0186 or visit us online to learn more!


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