5 Reasons to Use Scheduled Secure Shredding

It’s no secret that information security and privacy practices are front of mind for most businesses and consumers these days. Whether your records are digital or hard copy, ensuring that they are protected throughout their useful life should always be top of mind. However, best practices for information security shouldn’t be thrown out the door. . . [Full Article]

How to Simplify Your File Relocation When Moving to a New Office

As our partners at ADSI Moving Systems know all too well, there are a lot of things that go into planning and executing an office move. In addition to the logistics and management of potential service interruptions, you also have to consider specialty relocation needs like equipment or large furniture and fixtures; and if you. . . [Full Article]

The Importance of Employee Education on Information Security

As a business managing proprietary information, one of the biggest steps you can take to safeguard data and records is to educate the people who are interacting with it daily: your employees. You might have caught our previous blog and video with some easy steps to improve your information security, and one of those points. . . [Full Article]

Specialty Services: Secure Storage and Destruction of Your Medical Records

  While many of the businesses we manage record storage and shredding for are dealing primarily with paper records, we recognize the Augusta, GA area has a wide variety of medical service providers who may keep charts and medical records in a variety of other formats. When it comes time to archive the files in. . . [Full Article]

5 Tips for Keeping Your Documents Secure [VIDEO]

As theft of personal or financial information continues to grown, so does the importance of protecting the private information of your business or organization, which is why we want to share 5 easy tips with you today to help keep your records secure.   STEP 1: Develop a Record Retention Policy Having a plan in. . . [Full Article]