9 Tips to Help You Prepare for Secure Shredding Service

As information security continues to be a concern, more businesses and consumers are turning to secure shredding as a way to protect their hard-copy information. At Augusta Data Storage we offer a variety of solutions to fit the secure shredding needs of companies, both large and small, as well as Augusta, GA area residents. Whether. . . [Full Article]

Who should use secure shredding?

The easy answer is “everyone!” That answer probably leaves you wondering what your business, or you personally, might be holding on to that would require secure destruction. Did you know that for businesses, any information that is considered to be “personally identifiable information” should be securely shredded and the destruction date logged? The secure shredding. . . [Full Article]

Looking for Secure Shredding? Know your Options.

  Whether you need to shred documents for your business, or you are lightening your paper load at home, finding a secure way to destroy records with personal information is an important step in fighting information security threats. At Augusta Data Storage, our secure shredding solutions are designed to be customized to fit the unique. . . [Full Article]

Augusta Data Storage Hosts October Community Shred Events

Thanks to our partners across the CSRA we were able to help support 2 different community shred events this month. The first event was in partnership with The Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce and Queensborough National Bank & Trust. Their event took place on October 7 and had 3 drop-off locations across the county. During. . . [Full Article]

Computer Systems Can Fail – Are You Properly Prepared?

We can all collaboratively agree that computers have provided tremendous technological advancements that have made life easy in a lot of ways but having said that they do continue to fail us now and again, where as a pen and paper never well. This important realization has made it critical for business owners to ensure. . . [Full Article]