Electronic Waste and Media Destruction

Document destruction is a great step towards information security, but what about the status of your electronic information? Are you currently doing anything to protect the vital data on your hard drives and other electronic media? Unfortunately, we live in an age where cyber terrorists and online hackers exist and they can be extremely threatening. . . [Full Article]

How Does Secure Shredding Help Protect My Business?

It’s no secret these days that shredding important documents is a must, but did you know that there is a difference between shredding with your office shredder and using a secure shredding service? A secure shredding operation will have processes and systems in place not only to protect your information before it’s shredded, but also. . . [Full Article]

Storing Your Records Remotely with Augusta Data Storage

For many types of businesses, offsite storage of their vital records is an essential practice. No matter if you have just a few boxes of archives, years of financial records or maybe thousands of patient files, Augusta Data Storage can help store your physical data safely and securely. Here’s a quick look at the steps. . . [Full Article]

Augusta Data Storage Co-Hosts Community Shred Day

We recently partnered with AARP- Georgia Fraud Watch and Augusta Recreation and Parks to host a community shred day at two locations in the CSRA. The event allowed area residents to bring in personal documents for secure shredding, free of charge! Thank you to everyone who helped organize this event, as well as those who. . . [Full Article]

How to Make the Most of Our E-Waste Solutions

Threats to Information & The Environment It’s no secret that information threats in the digital realm are increasing every day, but did you know that these threats don’t just exist via the internet or on your servers, but also on your end-of-life electronics? What is your process for regulating old laptops, cellphones, tablets, and even. . . [Full Article]