Augusta Data Storage Attends the 2019 NAID and PRISM Conference


NAID and PRISM held their annual conference in Denver, CO earlier this month.

To keep our processes up to date and our employees educated on best practices for information security and Records Information Management, continuing education is vital! Each year we look forward to conferences like the NAID and PRISM International annual conference. Industry conferences offer a comprehensive look at what is happening in the information management world, how we can best serve our growing customer base, and what we can do to improve information security and records management services processes. The 2019 conference had over 800 attendees made up of Records Information Management companies and vendors from around the world.

Conference Recap

This year we were fortunate to have two members of our Data Storage team attend the conference including our account manager, Butch Holley, and our new General Manager for Records Information Management services, Michael Payton.

Michael has over 15 years of experience in the Records Management industry. He currently serves as a board member for i-SIGMA and during this year’s conference, he served as a panelist for two sessions and moderated a third.

As an attendee, Michael spent time in sessions focused on the changing privacy landscape, as it relates to the end consumer. He heard from industry experts as they discussed changes in privacy laws, such as the passing of GDPR in Europe and the Consumer Privacy Act in California. Michael says, in short, “Companies need to have a good understanding of what data they are collecting on individuals and must be able to protect this data and ensure it is not accessed by other parties.”

Butch, our Data Storage account manager, attended the conference for the first time this year. He was excited to dive into learning more about the industry and spent time in sessions learning more about potential opportunities to bring new and improved solutions to our customers across the CSRA. He also had the chance to network with other industry professionals and discuss a variety of factors which may affect the future of the records information management industry.

“I always enjoy attending a conference to learn about new trends in our industry, but an added benefit is being able to meet other companies from around the world that do what we do. At one point I found myself talking with a couple of guys from Best Shredding in British Columbia, Williams Data Management in Los Angeles, CA, Grace Info Management in Campbelltown Australia, and Back Office Managed Solutions in Dubai, UAE. Being able to network like this brings an opportunity to hear about their companies and what works for them in other areas of the world. From discussions about GDPR in Europe to the recently passed California Data Privacy Law which goes in to effect in 2020.  Staying involved in conversations within our industry keeps Augusta Data Storage positioned as our industry leader in our region,” said Butch.

Conference attendees from various Records Management organizations gather for dinner at the annual NAID and PRISM conference in Denver, CO, including Augusta Data Storage employees Michael Payton and Butch Holley.

“I feel that our clients benefit from ADSI leaders attending the trade association events to not only validate that we are using best practice standards to safeguard their records but are also staying in tune with the records and information management industry on a global scale,” added Michael.

We are excited to have Butch and Michael back in the office to share their experiences and knowledge with the rest of the Data Storage team as we work to bring ever-improving records management solutions to our customers in the Aiken-Augusta area.