Beat the Breach: Protecting Your Corporate Data


We talk a lot about the “end of life” protection of information and data, from our NAID AAA Certified document destruction process, to our secure e-solutions, you know that Augusta Data Storage is a partner you can trust when it comes to protecting your information during destruction.

What about the data you access every day? When your information and data is active, or live, it is more susceptible to leaks and breaches. Taking the appropriate steps to continuously protect your data can be the difference between running a smooth operation and spending your time battling a costly data mishap that could affect you and your clients.

The Cost of a Data Breach

The 2018 IBM Cost of a Data Breach report stated that the average cost of a data breach can be upwards of $3.8M, this is up 6.4% from 2017. IBM also cited an average cost of $148 per stolen record.

Improving Data Security

Making security precautions to protect your data is always cheaper than the cost of a breach and the associated aftermath. If you’re wondering what steps your business can take to protect confidential and personally identifiable information, Security Magazine offers up 9 elements to building strong corporate data security policies.

They differentiate data privacy, the appropriate use of data, and data security, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of data, and highlight some of the key steps businesses can take to ensure that they are maintaining effective data security, which, in turn, feeds data privacy.


Their list aligns with some of our previous comments regarding the importance of establishing and maintaining your policies, properly communicating information security processes and educating your employees.

Additionally, they highlighted compliance with laws and industry-specific regulations, which is where working with a certified service provider like Augusta Data Storage provides great benefits. Our facilities and processes face planned and unplanned audits throughout the year, all designed to ensure that you’re the security of your information is maintained.

For the full list of tips on managing digital and hard copy information, check out their full article here.

If you’re looking for a trusted local partner to help with your records management programs and information security, Augusta Data Storage has over 25 years of experience serving a variety of business across the CSRA and beyond.  Contact us today to learn more!