Benefits of Partnering with a Professional Medical Document Scanning Service

Over the years more and more health care professionals have made the move to electronic records, Why?  Digital file keeping saves money, streamlines information accessibility and contributes to document security levels. However, the process of “going digital” isn’t always an easy one. Not only are you creating digital records for the future, you are also transferring current and archived paper documents to digital format so they can be stored within your new digital filing system.

As professionals, especially healthcare providers, prepare to make the switch to electronic records, they have many options to choose from. The project can be completed in house, or can be outsourced, but how do you know which is the best method for your needs?

For some smaller businesses that might be managing limited records, an in-house approach may seem more cost efficient, but when you consider medical practices and hospitals who manage and maintain a large volume of client or patient records, the task becomes much more cumbersome.

If you are converting a large quantity of active and archived records, your organization would greatly benefit from outsourcing the document imaging and medical document scanning to a professional company like Augusta Data Storage. A professional company can provide a simple and stress-free transition for you. Here’s why:

Medical Document Scanning Won’t be a Nuisance

You want your medical office’s operations to be as simple as possible. With this in mind, servicing patients, conducting research and coordinating with other medical companies should be your primary focus; not document scanning. A substantial conversion operation can create quite a distraction and disruption to your day-to-day operations. When you work with a professional document scanning service, your employees can concentrate on doing their jobs, rather than making time to scan a backlog of files.

Medical Documents are Scanned Right Away

There’s no delay in getting the project started. With a professional document imaging provider, all equipment and logistics will be in place right away so documents can be scanned as soon as you are ready to begin. No matter the size of your job, we are able to prep, scan, and digitize your records in a hands-off approach and much quicker turnaround time than if your employees were to try to manage this in their free time.

We Can Organize and Store Everything For You

What happens to all your records after the medical documents have been scanned? For many healthcare providers, lack of storage space can be a huge problem. Once your records are scanned and digitized, did you know that Augusta Data Storage can securely store them for you? The files will be indexed and stored with 24/7 retrieval access, in the event that you ever need the hard-copy records.

Documents are 100% Secure

Security is imperative, especially in the medical industry. You are likely storing an array of confidential information that requires total protection; exposing information while converting it to digital format is risky business but can easily happen if you’re not careful. An experienced document scanning service has the necessary security measures in place to ensure the scanning process is carried out with the highest level of professionalism, keeping your documents safe from beginning to end.

Ready to Purge? We can Help!

Once your items are scanned and imaged, you have the option to keep the paper records in storage at your facility or off-site at our secure records management warehouse. If you are ready to purge any old or outdated records, Augusta Data Storage can help with that as well! Our NAID AAA Certified document destruction allows us to securely destroy a variety of paper and medical records including film and x-rays to open up additional storage space in your facility.

You will get help with managing your newly digitized medical documents in the future

A great document scanning provider will supply you with the resources required to instantaneously access, share, secure and archive all of your digital medical documents.

As one of your medical organization’s most valuable assets, your medical records should be treated with the utmost care. Make sure that you get your medical document scanning done right by hiring a professional service.

Through the use of digital scanning and archiving technology, Augusta Data Storage can provide fast, and easy digital copies of your existing paper records.

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