Business Solutions: Secure Storage for Computers and Digital Assets


When it comes to managing your office move, our partners at ADSI Moving Systems make the process simple and easy. From helping you plan and organize to packing, transportation, and office setup and debris haul-away, they go the extra mile to bring the customized solutions your business needs during a commercial move.

For many businesses, a move also forces you to take inventory of the items you have on hand and decide what stays and what goes. This often includes filing cabinets, records storage areas, and these days, IT closets and storage spaces full of used computers and other digital assets. If you’re not sure how to safely store or destroy these items, Augusta Data Storage can help.

Managing Your Assets During a Move

As moving day gets closer your team is likely focused on sifting through the items in your current office space, packing, and prepping for the moving crews to arrive for the big day.

But,what happens when you come across filing cabinets full of old records and documents, or a rack full of old computers or tablets?

You obviously want to protect the information, so throwing it away isn’t an option. And, maybe you’re downsizing your office space, so storage space is limited to only “must-have items.”

Finding the appropriate option for storage or destruction can be a tall task, and coordinating as a part of your moving timeline can be even more cumbersome. When you work with our partners at ADSI Moving Systems, the solution is easy.

Simplifying Storage

At Augusta Data Storage, our 160,000 sq.ft. facility offers a variety of monitored, secure storage solutions for both paper and digital assets.

Have archived documents you need stored?

Our Records Management team will pack and load your records, index them and store them in our secure records storage facility. All of your records will be barcode labeled for simple tracking and management within our facility and retrieval access is a breeze.

If you would like to keep an eye on your things from a distance we offer tracking and management options through our cloud-based client portal.

Looking for Secure Storage for Your Digital Assets?
Our warehouse offers a variety of climate controlled storage options, perfect for excess computers, monitors, hard drives, laptops, tablets and more.

Ahead of your move we can work with you to schedule packing and pickup of your digital assets and offer affordable palletized storage in our temperature controlled, restricted access warehouse.

Electronics and other specialized media need to be kept safe from heat, humidity, water damage, and theft/loss. Not only do we offer a climate controlled vault but we also offer a full-scale warehouse that is climate monitored. Both our warehouse and vault include:
– Off-site, secure storage
– Scheduled media rotation services
– 24/7 access and delivery options
– Emergency response capabilities
– Disaster recovery planning
– Computerized tracking and retrieval management
– 24/7 climate control and hazard protection

Take Destruction off your To-Do list

If you no longer need your records, outdated hard drives, old computers, and other electronic devices, secure destruction is the only way to ensure that the information is no longer accessible.

Augusta Data Storage offers secure shredding and specialized destruction for your end of life records, files, and e-waste.

Our processes are NAID-AAA certified which means your items will be safely destroyed. Once we have completed your destruction you will receive a certificate for your records. Additionally, our e-waste solutions focus on creating a zero waste process, meaning your items are e-cycled, a process that’s better for your business and our environment.

We’re Moving You Forward

Ellefson Transportation Group is committed to moving you forward. That means creating more of the solutions you need to get the job done right. When it comes to managing office moves, our team is proud to offer solutions across our family of companies that brings convenience and ease to a sometimes stressful process. ADSI Moving Systems and Augusta Data Storage can help you manage your move with less stress, and less mess. Contact one of our relocation consultants today to learn more.