4 Ways Our Client Portal Can Improve Your RIM Processes


At Augusta Data Storage, we pride ourselves on responding to every client call with direct and reliable support. Fortunately, many features of that quality customer service can be conveniently exercised even after office hours thanks to our easily accessible online assistance. Here are four ways you can take your Records Information Management (RIM) needs into your own hands by employing the on-demand services of our client portal.

Instant Access

For professionals working busy schedules long after the clock strikes five, questions don’t always arise during regular business hours, and often there’s no time to wait around for service. Being able to check the status of records, make requests, and review status information at any time, from any location is a powerful convenience we’re excited to offer. While our employees will always make time to speak with clients directly, the client portal provides instant access to a myriad of services when and where you need them.

Inventory Checks

Being able to keep track of your records is an important aspect of any RIM system. With our client portal, you can check the status of any record you have stored in our facility. Once a record is requested, you’ll be able to track when it’s been pulled, delivered, picked up or refiled, staying updated with every step.

Review of Retention Schedules

Having constant access to your retention schedule through our client portal ensures your ability to monitor secure document destruction and make immediate adjustments to the timeline whenever necessary. At a moment’s notice, you can review the selected dates and confirm that documents have been removed and destroyed, according to your pre-set retention schedule. 

Record Requests

Save yourself time by submitting requests online as soon as the need arises. Once submitted, our team will be able to promptly process the request, delivering your documents with ease and efficiency. In the meantime, you’ll be able to track the status of those records in transit using the inventory checks feature. 

With the help of our client portal, Augusta Data Storage is able to enhance our robust Records Information Management services to bring a streamlined, flexible and efficient option to your inventory tracking and management processes. Our 24/7 online access provides your business with exceptional command over your records through this dynamic and user-friendly interface. 

Contact one of our account managers today to learn more about the tools we have in place to help you manage your Records Information Management processes. 


OneilOrder is our Web-based client portal. It runs fast and efficiently across a variety of popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Edge), providing clients with an enhanced experience. The modern interface provides full-text search functionality, robust filtering options, and easier access to critical business information all in real-time. If you’re interested in integrating oneilOrder into your existing records management program with Augusta Data Storage, contact us today to get started.