Document Conversion All-In-One Solution


As remote work setups remain a reality for many businesses, having quick and easy access to business assets and data becomes increasingly more important. 

Converting paper assets and archives to a digital workflow solution can be a daunting task, especially for businesses with voluminous client records and archives. 

When considering a solution for developing digital workspaces, while protecting your data and information, Augusta Data Storage is proud to serve as an all-in-one solution for secure scanning, storage, and destruction of records. 

What is the benefit of an all-in-one service provider for document conversion? 

By offering a comprehensive suite of records management services, Augusta Data Storage is able to shorten the chain of custody for your secure information. In limiting transfers of custody, there are fewer opportunities for data loss or theft. 

What does the document conversion process look like? 

When working to convert years of hardcopy information into a digital format, the process can seem daunting. Our goal is to help streamline the project by providing a single-source solution to take you from paper filing and record-keeping to digital asset management. 

Records Transfer
When you’re ready to outsource your document conversion project, our team is available to help transfer the records from your onsite storage areas to our facility for conversion. 

With years of experience under our belts, we’ve developed a process to systematically relocate indexed files while keeping your established information hierarchy intact. 

Digital Conversion

Our document conversion process allows us to expedite bulk record conversion and alleviate the time and resources required of your internal team to complete the same tasks. 

Through optical character recognition, our process can create searchable files that can be added to your internal databases. 

The digital records are organized using a pre-established filing hierarchy determined by your organization, and final files are securely delivered in digital format for easy upload and integration into your digital systems. 

Secure Records Storage

For businesses looking to store hardcopy backup of records, off-site, our records storage warehouses offer secure, monitored storage of your records with added environmental security features and access to NARA compliant and climate-controlled storage options, for businesses in need of those solutions. 

Digital Backup Storage

As a part of a robust archive and backup system, we recommend storing backups of your digital records both in the cloud, on-site and off-site in the event of a breach or disaster that could cause data loss. Our on-site, climate-controlled vault is available for storage of digital backup devices, tape, and other temperature and climate-sensitive items. 

Secure Destruction

Once your document conversion project is complete, any records that are not needed in your archive should be securely destroyed. Our NAID-AAA destruction process offers an in-house solution for records destruction at the end of your bulk file conversion project. At the end of file destruction, you will receive a certificate of destruction listing items that were destroyed for your internal compliance records. 

Why does a short chain of custody matter in records management? 

When managing the integrity of your information, it important to identify and track a chain of custody. This gives you a “paper trail” of employees, vendors, and partners who have access to your information and allows you to more easily identify risk factors, as well as weak links, in the event of a breach. 

It is important to track your chain of custody and note transfers of custody. The less people you have handling your information during this document conversion project, the more secure your process will be. 

Finding trusted Records Management Partners

When searching for a partner to help with any myriad of records management tasks, it is important to vet potential vendors by not only learning about internal safety and security practices, but also doing your due diligence through reference checks, research into the validity of certifications and their understanding and knowledge of industry best practices and standards. 

For more information on how Augusta Data Storage can help your business as a trusted “Go-Digital” partner, contact us today.