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Augusta Data Storage understands the complexities of managing business information in today’s environment. For over two decades we have provided traditional record management services including off-site record storage, climate controlled vaulting and secure document destruction. As business needs have changed, we incorporated digital imaging services to focus on efficiently and cost effectively managing the huge amounts of paper documents that all businesses generate.

Why Use Digital Scanning?

Much of the information in today’s business environment exists as documents created each day by employees and other business contacts. These documents come in various shapes and formats, however, they contain valuable or perhaps even critical information that must be secured, shared and retained. Organizations are under more pressure than ever before to manage these documents effectively, not only for compliance and risk reduction purposes, but also to improve operational efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.

Through the use of digital scanning and archiving technology, Augusta Data Storage can provide FAST, EASY, SECURE and PERMANENT access to your business documents.

Digital Imaging Services Include

  • Document preparation for scanning
  • Scanning paper documents converting to multiple electronic formats
  • Customized document indexing (up to 3 index fields included in pricing)
  • Quality Control reviews to ensure image quality and accurate file and index structure
  • Archive to CD-ROM or DVD providing search and retrieval capabilities
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