E-Scrap Security Benefits

Security and certifications should play a big role in your decision-making process for choosing an e-solutions provider. Our recycling operation holds certifications including R2 and RIOS, as well as, ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for environmental management, and OHSAS 18001 for employee health and safety. By choosing a provider who maintains these high standards for quality and security you can be assured that your data is protected throughout the destruction process.

hard drive shredder

In addition, our process for e-waste destruction is NAID-AAA certified, meaning that you will be able to track the chain of custody of your devices and each shred job will receive a dated certificate of destruction detailing the items collected and destroyed by Augusta Data Storage.

Why Professional Hard Drive Shredding?

Augusta Data Storage, Inc. Provides:

  • Peace of Mind: Identity theft and fraud cases are occurring all the time, and without adequate protection, your electronic data may make its way to the wrong individual. Tossing old hard drives or recycling these prior to proper destruction, leaves your sensitive data extremely vulnerable. Professional destruction of your electronic data by Augusta Data Storage ensures you have peace of mind in knowing that there is no risk of a data breach, and that your electronic data is 100% protected.
  • Space Savings: Most companies don’t have extra office space for unnecessary items. If you are storing hard drives in a room that is unsecured, you’re leaving your data susceptible to internal theft and/or exposure and using up space that could be used for valuable purposes. Have your electronic data destroyed professionally and enjoy the sense of security and additional space you regain in your storage room along with it!
  • E-Waste Solutions for all Electronic Data: Hard drives are not the only thing we securely destroy. Do you have other electronic devices that you’re looking to dispose of safely? Our industry leading equipment is designed to handle the destruction of all of your data devices, from hard drives and cell phones, to monitors and CRT Devices. Each of these devices requires professional destruction to ensure data is permanently irrecoverable. We handle document and electronic destruction needs and perform our secure processes in one central spot, for the greatest flexibility to our clients!
  • Protection and Reliability: While many assume that a “degaussed” hard drive is safe and clear of data, did you know that the data can actually be recovered? When a hard drive is formatted you don’t actually erase the data , you only eliminate the location in which the data is stored.  With special software, the right individual can recover data from a degaussed hard drive. Secure hard drive shredding on the other hand, leaves no room for recovery. Data is destroyed permanently without any doubts.
  • Compliance: Remember that there is vital legislation in association with data privacy that dictates how information needs to be maintained, stored, and shared, to protect the privacy and confidentiality of all parties involved. These laws are government mandated and typically vary based on industry. Privacy legislation such as HIPAA and FACTA makes it imperative that you are properly shredding sensitive data properly. Hard drive shredding is a practice that is addressed under these important business procedures.