The E-Scrap Process

Our process is as easy as One, Two, Three – and our machine is equipped to handle a variety of items from hard drives to memory boards, backup tapes, CD’s, cell phones, accessories and more.

  1. Call Augusta Data Storage to pick up your items
  2. Augusta Data Storage will securely destroy at our on-site facility or via our mobile shred unit.
  3. Finally, shredded items are recycled and used make new products or disposed of safely and properly.
hard drive shredder

The electronic devices we collect for shredding are processed one of two ways:

Our AmeriShred AMS 1000-HD can handle a variety of digital devices including hard drives, backup tapes, cell phones, tablets and more (link to what we shred page). The devices are fed into the machine and are shredded, ensuring that your information is destroyed, with a capacity to shred up to 1,000 pieces of e-scrap an hour we can handle projects that are a variety of sizes. Once your electronic devices are shredded, they are processed and recycled (link to we recycle page) off-site. This process includes removing any hazardous waste from the drive and using the scrap metal and other parts to create post-consumer waste products.

Our Mobile Shred Truck also has a secure hard drive shredder, which means we can shred your hard drives at your location, in addition to picking up your documents for secure shredding.