Ensuring Transparency and Accountability: Tactical Strategies for Records Management in Government Agencies

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Do you think your government agency’s records are secure? Think again: between January and November 2023 alone, over 22 million data records were exposed in online breaches of U.S. government organizations.

Augusta Data Storage, Georgia’s only NARA-compliant facility, stands ready to help your agency strengthen its records management practices. We provide practical strategies for secure document storage, effective data protection, and maintaining organized records. By following our expert guidance, you can boost transparency and accountability all while safeguarding your agency’s sensitive information.

Ready to enhance your records management system? Let’s dive into actionable tips designed to protect and streamline your processes.

Challenges in Government Records Management

Government agencies face unique challenges in managing records, including:

  • Volume: The sheer volume of records generated can be overwhelming.
  • Compliance: Adhering to federal regulations, such as those set by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).
  • Security: Protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access and breaches.
  • Accessibility: Ensuring that records remain accessible to authorized personnel.

Understand Your Records Retention Requirements

The first step in effective records management is understanding your agency’s retention requirements. This includes knowing which records must be kept, for how long, and in what format.

NARA provides guidelines on records retention schedules for federal agencies, but each state may have their own specific regulations as well. It’s important to review and understand these guidelines to ensure compliance and avoid penalties.

Implement a Secure Document Storage System

One of the best ways to protect your agency’s records is by implementing a secure document storage system. This involves:

  • Physical storage: Storing physical documents in a safe and controlled environment, such as Augusta Data Storage’s NARA-compliant facility.
  • Digital storage: Using secure servers and encryption methods to store digital records. NARA recommends digitizing analog records to minimize loss and damage. By using high-quality scanning equipment and software — or a professional document imaging service provider such as Augusta Data Storage — you can convert paper documents into searchable electronic files.
  • Access control: Limiting access to authorized personnel only, using methods such as password protection and biometric authentication.

Regularly Backup Your Data

Backing up your data is crucial in case of a disaster or system failure. This ensures that your agency’s records are not lost permanently and can be recovered quickly. Experts recommend the 3-2-1  method for data backups:

  • 3 copies: Keep at least three copies of your data, including the original and two backups.
  • 2 different formats: Store backups in at least two different formats to minimize the risk of all copies being compromised.
  • 1 off-site location: Keep at least one backup copy in a secure off-site location, such as Augusta Data Storage’s NARA-compliant facility. This provides an additional layer of protection against natural disasters or physical damage to your agency’s main storage location.

Regularly Audit and Update Your System

It’s important to regularly audit your records management system to ensure it remains effective and compliant. This includes:

  • Auditing physical storage: Regularly checking the condition and organization of physical records.
  • Updating retention schedules: Keeping track of any changes to federal or state regulations and adjusting your retention schedule accordingly.
  • Testing security measures: Conducting periodic tests to ensure that digital storage systems remain secure from potential breaches.

Partner with a NARA-Compliant Facility

Augusta Data Storage is fully compliant with NARA regulations and has the processes and technology in place to ensure your records are accurately maintained and accessible when needed. With our records management services, you get:

  • 24-hour on-site security measures to protect sensitive information.
  • Climate-controlled environments to preserve the integrity of physical records.
  • Expertise in managing large volumes of records and ensuring compliance with federal regulations.
  • Over 25 years of experience providing records management solutions to government agencies.

End-to-End Government Agency Records Management

Augusta Data Storage provides customized records management services for government agencies, ensuring efficient and secure document handling from start to finish. Our end-to-end solutions cover key areas such as:


We offer expert digitization services to transform your physical documents into digital formats, making them easier to access and protecting them from damage. With high-quality scanners and advanced software, we ensure your digital records are accurate, searchable, and meet NARA guidelines. Our professional team can handle large volumes of documents, making the shift from paper to electronic records smooth and efficient.

Record Keeping

Our NARA-compliant facilities provide a secure and reliable space for storing physical records. For digital records, we store hard drives and other media in climate-controlled environments, thus ensuring their integrity over time. Thanks to strong access controls, our systems ensure that records are well-organized, easily retrievable, and accessible only to those with proper authorization. Whether you’re storing physical or digital records, our climate-controlled environments and top-notch security measures protect and preserve your valuable information.

Secure Destruction

Handling the end-of-life phase of records is key to staying compliant and protecting sensitive data. Augusta Data Storage provides secure destruction services that align with your retention schedules and regulatory requirements. We ensure that we destroy outdated records in a way that prevents unauthorized access and data breaches. Plus, we give you a Certificate of Destruction to confirm that records are securely disposed of and meet legal standards, giving you peace of mind.

Partnering with Augusta Data Storage means your government agency can trust our expertise and top-notch facilities to handle your records smoothly and securely, from digitization to destruction. We follow federal regulations and best practices, ensuring your records stay protected every step of the way.

Turn to Augusta Data Storage for NARA-Compliant Records Management

Transparency and accountability are crucial values for government agencies, and proper records management plays a vital role in upholding these values. By following NARA guidelines and partnering with a compliant facility like Augusta Data Storage, you can ensure your records remain secure, organized, accessible, and compliant.

Don’t leave your agency’s records management to chance—contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your government agency stay on top of its records management needs.