FAQ: Everything You Need to Know about Digital Document Services

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Digital document storage options can help you manage your files in a format that is simple to store, easy to search, and has controlled access. Whether you want to completely digitize your records, or just need immediate digital access to your records stored at the Augusta Data Storage facility, digital records services are designed to help you save time and money. 

Why Digital?

Managing large volumes of records while maintaining compliance and security may become more difficult, and expensive, as your records grow. Document conversion can reduce cost, increase efficiency, and improve security for your business. In fields such as health care, law, and finances, documents rapidly grow every day. With digital document conversion, it is easier to keep all confidential records secure and organized. 

What is Document Scanning?

Document scanning can be used to convert your filing backlog or paper records to a digital format for digital management. By creating a digital copy of your records, you will be able to quickly locate and retrieve information, streamline business processes, free up costly office space, and keep all of your information private and secure.

As Augusta area businesses continue working remote, converting hardcopy files to digital can offer employees access to the files they need while at home. Document scanning and conversion is a great solution and Augusta Data Storage can help. Our team is trained to help you manage that process and make it quick and easy to set up for on-going remote working. 

No matter the size of your business, August Data Storage offers file conversion services for a large variety of project sizes, including blueprint scanning. 

What happens to my physical copies after my scanning project is complete?

Documents can either be stored on-site at ADS according to their retention schedule, or securely shredded as part of a bulk purge at the end of your scanning project. Or hard copies can be returned to the client

Secure Records Storage

For those businesses converting to digital in an effort to save space or downsize their offices, Augusta Data Storage offers off-site secure records storage solutions. Our records management services offer a cataloged filing system, records retrieval services, and assistance with retention and records purge schedules. 

Secure Shredding Services

If your current hard copy records are not required to be archived, OR they have reached the end of their archival period, the secure shredding services at Augusta Data Storage offers a plant-based shredding solution that meets industry standards and is NAID-AAA Certified. In addition, customers are provided with a certificate of destruction for their records. 

What is Scan on Demand?

Scan on demand offers organizations that store hard copy records at Augusta Data Storage quick and easy, digital access to their records. Scan on demand offers contact-free access to your records and files stored in our secure, off-site records storage facility. This is an increasingly popular option as businesses continue to expand their work from home operations and access to paper records remains limited.

Scan on demand can help provide quick and easy digital access for companies with hardcopy records stored at Augusta Data Storage. Scan on demand is especially helpful if you cannot have files physically delivered to your office. With fewer people working in offices, storing your records in our storage facility and opting for scan on demand services is a great option for organizations choosing to downsize their offices as more people shift to remote work setups. By moving files off-site you can save space by storing your files in the secure warehouses at Augusta Data Storage and still have quick access to the documents using scan on demand.

How do I request files for Scan on Demand?

Requesting files for scan on demand is easy! You can call us or log in to our client portal and request your file(s) for scan on demand delivery. 

How do I receive my files?

Your digital files are sent through encrypted email delivery. We will help you set up an account on SEND, Inc, a platform that offers “military-grade encryption” and ensures on the recipient can receive the message. 

Once your files are scanned, we will send them to the encrypted email platform and deliver them to you. 

Why should we choose Augusta Data Storage for Scanning?

When searching for a Document Conversion company, you’ll always want to shop around and make sure it’s a good fit for your organization. When trying to find the perfect partner, look for security, quality, flexibility, and accessibility. The document conversion company you select should offer generous security on and off-site with full HIPPA certification. Review and sample the quality of their scans using your most popular file types. Make sure they’re able to work within your business hours and management platforms. Choose a partner that supports your management requests quickly and efficiently.

No matter how long your business has been in operation, scanning and imaging services from Augusta Data Storage can make the transition into a paperless system easy. Our years of experience and best industry practices can efficiently expedite digital imaging processes, so your business is reaping the benefits of your new system in no time.

Contact one of our account managers today to learn more about the tools we have developed to help you manage your Records Information Management processes.