How to Choose a Reputable Shredding Partner


Secure document destruction isn’t just about shredding, it’s about having confidence in the security of the entire process from the time you drop your items in a collection bin until they are shredded by your shredding partner. 

What To Look For?

When researching for a potential shredding partner, make sure you consider more than just price. Here are a few things to research as you’re selecting a new vendor.  

Price Range

Don’t just accept the first quote. Take time to price out a few options and understand how and why the prices are different. 

Specialty Services Offered

Consider what ancillary services you might need and find a vendor that is able to offer those to you in addition to shredding. The fewer vendors you have, the tighter your chain of custody will be. 

Security Standards

Be sure to get a summary from your potential shredding partner on the security measures throughout their process. 

Size of Shredded Particles

For some industries paper particle size matters. Ensure that you are up to date on the requirements for secure shredding in your organization and that your vendors can meet those requirements. 

Certificates of Destruction

Choose a vendor that offers a certificate of destruction for scheduled shredding and purge shredding projects. This helps you keep a paper trail of your destroyed records. 

How They Maintain a Tight Chain of Custody

We’ve mentioned it a few times, but take the time to define the chain of custody with potential vendors so that you know everyone who has access to your information throughout the process. 

NAID Certification

Consider identifying vendors with industry-recognized certifications for their processes. Augusta Data Storage offers NAID-AAA Certified Destruction for paper and hard drives. 

Personal Recommendations

Ask around for personal recommendations. Talk to other people in your industry or even other local businesses to see which vendors they recommend. 

Online Reviews

Recommendations and referrals don’t always have to be from people you know, and it’s always a great idea to check out online reviews. As you read online reviews, here are a few important things to keep in mind. Remember reviews are subjective and only represent one person’s experience or opinion. Try not to get hung up on one bad review in a sea of good reviews. Use the most reputable online review platforms as you search for online reviews. The most recommended being Google My Business, Better Business Bureau (BBB), or directly on that company’s website.

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