Document Imaging: Bridging the Gap Between Paper & Digital Records


In today’s digital world, it seems like everything can be done online with the click of a button or the send of an e-mail. But, what about all the businesses that have operated with paper records and documents for so long? How do you make the transition to the digital workspace? And if you move to a paperless office, how do you convert all documents without allocating a lot of time and resources to get it done? Document imaging is the most efficient way to convert years of backlogged paper files for your new digital filing system.

What are Document Imaging Services?

If you’re not familiar with document imaging services, they can be a real time-saver when it comes time to digitize your old records. Our team is able to help you convert your paper records, in bulk, to easily searchable digital records. This will allow you to upload documents to your servers or other digital record storage systems for easy access. Whether you’re just making the move to digital and the “paperless office” or you have already converted and have been avoiding the time-consuming task of digitizing your archived records, imaging services are a cost-effective and timely solution.

How Has Document Imaging Changed?

Work flexibility is a term we’re hearing a lot more lately. As vaccines roll out and employers make plans for what the future of their work environments will look like, many employees have adjusted to the “new normal” of remote and at-home work setups. Digital records should be a top priority for businesses managing and maintaining large volumes of information. As remote working is becoming “the norm” it is important to continuously update and monitor your information management practices. When information is not being stored in a physical building it is even more important to keep track of all of your data and who has access to it. Not ready to transfer all your documents to digital? Check out our scan-on-demand services and how they can help during times out of the office.

Why Choose Document Imaging Services?

When we talked with some of our most recent document imaging clients about their reasons for looking into imaging services, we found they all had a lot in common. These are the 3 most common reasons our clients are interested in digital documents over paper:

  1. Multi-location access: Customers have expressed that they prefer digital documents especially when working with employees across multiple locations who may need access to the same file. Having a digital archive that is searchable and accessible across platforms is a big draw, especially with the increase in remote login access, and flexible work solutions that are becoming popular in today’s workforce.
  2. Ease of Search: Our records management solutions offer a great system for sorting and delivering the paper records you need in a timely manner. Many clients prefer a keyword search that will put a digital version of the information in their hands in seconds, something that can’t be done with paper records. Even if you would just be looking for a file in the cabinet behind your desk, digital retrieval saves valuable time.
  3. Reduction of Physical Space: Let’s face it, storage for paper records is bulky. Having various file cabinets, file boxes, and more, can eat up a lot of space in your office. Many of our clients are interested in reducing the filing footprint in their workspace by digitizing the records they need access to on a daily basis vs. finding a storage solution in a warehouse or attic space in their building.
Why choose document imaging services?Multi-location access: Customers prefer digital documents when working across multiple locationsEase of search: Searchable documents makes it easy to find what you need in secondsReduction of physical space: Reduce the filing footprint in your office by digitizing records

Check out these ways scanning and imaging services can benefit your business when handled by a professional records management company. Wondering why you should use a dedicated service provider for document imaging? Our state-of-the-art scanners, software, and trained imaging technicians are able to scan your files at a rate simply not possible with conventional office equipment.

Document Imaging Process

Through the use of digital scanning and archiving technology, Augusta Data Storage can provide FAST, EASY, SECURE, and PERMANENT access to your business documents.


We pick up and prep your documents for the digital imaging process.


We then scan and image your documents and convert them to digital assets.


Your digital assets are then returned to you on Cds or DVDs and are ready for use.

Our document imaging process:Preparation: We pick up and prep your documents for the digital imaging processScanning: We scan and image your documents and convert them to digital assets.Delivery: Digital assets are returned to you on CDs or DVDs and are ready for use.

What Does Augusta Data Storage Offer?

At Augusta Data Storage, we offer a variety of document imaging services including:

  • Preparing the files for scanning
  • Various electronic format options for your digital records
  • Process controls to ensure image quality
  • Archive CD-ROM or DVDs that provide search and retrieval capabilities.

This means that you spend less time prepping before and less time sorting digital files when they come back. Our goal is to help you streamline the transition from paper to paperless without all the headaches in between. 

If you are interested in learning more about our imaging and scanning solutions or how we can help you update your archives, we’d be happy to help! Contact us today to get started.