Keeping your Records Secure with Augusta Data Storage


Records management is a critical part of any business. It requires strict security measures to ensure the integrity of sensitive and confidential information. At Augusta Data Storage, we provide top-of-the-line records management services that keep your data secure and protected. Here’s a look at some of the security measures and processes in place to ensure the integrity of your information stored at Augusta Data Storage. 

Secure Records Management Services

Augusta Data Storage offers both NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) approved facilities as well as standard facilities for records management. Our NARA-approved facilities meet a strict set of criteria for records security and facility safety measures and we are proud to be one of the only NARA compliant facilities in the state of Georgia.

Throughout our facilities, we have incorporated advanced security features such as

  • surveillance cameras
  • restricted entry access
  • motion detectors
  • and more

to ensure no unauthorized personnel have access to sensitive documents. Additionally, fire suppression systems are installed throughout to protect records in the event of a fire.

Records Access and File Tracking

When you need access to your information, time is of the essence. Augusta Data Storage offers 24/7 retrieval access for stored files and tapes. Additionally, all items in our warehouse are barcoded and tracked so that we know when they are checked in and out, and by who, adding an extra layer of security in your chain of custody.

Secure Document Destruction Services

Have old and outdated documents, or records at the end of their required retention period? Augusta Data Storage offers secure shredding services to provide your business that final layer of protection for documents.

Whether you’re preparing for a one-time purge or you have setup a regularly scheduled shredding service, our team works to ensure the integrity of your information through final destruction. Here are a few added layers of security you can count on when you choose Augusta Data Storage.

NAID-AAA Certified Secure Shredding

Augusta Data Storage is committed to providing the highest level of security for customers’ sensitive and confidential documents. To ensure complete protection, Augusta Data Storage is NAID-AAA certified for records and hard drive shredding. This certification requires that the shredding process meets stringent standards that ensure the destruction of documents is performed securely and responsibly. All documents destroyed by Augusta Data Storage are tracked and a detailed Certificate of Destruction is issued upon completion.

Secure Chain of Custody System

Our chain of custody system provides customers with peace-of-mind that their records will be securely handled throughout the entire process, from storage to destruction. We track documents every step of the way, so customers can rest assured their information is safe.

Secure Collection Bins

Our secure collection bins provide an easy way for our customers to safely dispose of any documents containing sensitive or confidential information between scheduled shredding services. The collection bins are locked and keys are distributed only to identified information managers and screened Augusta Data Storage employees.

Planning a bulk purge? We can drop off one of the large collection bins ahead of your job to ensure your records remain secure through final destruction.

Augusta Data Storage is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of security and protection for their records and documents. We’ve implemented rigorous protocols and sophisticated systems to ensure your data remains secure while in our care. Contact us today to learn how Augusta Data Storage can help protect your critical information!

Secure Climate-Controlled Vault Storage

For those specialized records and digital devices, we offer climate-controlled vault storage. Vault storage ensures that your stored materials remain protected from heat and humidity which can damage some media storage and digital archive devices, and even some paper documents over time.

Our vaults are equipped with state-of-the-art safety locks and access restrictions so you don’t have to worry about unauthorized personnel accessing your files without permission.

Personnel Security

Last but not least, all personnel at Augusta Data Storage undergoes rigorous screening before they are allowed access to any customer information or materials. All employees must pass background checks as well as drug screens and are insured against any potential risks associated with their job duties.

Looking for the best in secure records storage in Augusta, GA? Contact Augusta Data Storage today

By utilizing best practices in records management along with advanced technology and integrated security solutions, Augusta Data Storage can guarantee that your data remains safe and secure at all times. If you’re looking for a reliable service provider for records management or secure destruction needs, then look no further than Augusta Data Storage.