Media Storage

Media Storage Facility

“Keep your records safe from theft, loss or damage”

Augusta Data Storage, Inc. offers more than records management. In an effort to help protect electronic data as well, we supply professional electronic media storage services that successfully maintain your security.

Our media storage solutions have been designed to keep your records safe from theft, loss or damage. Augusta Data Storage is made up of qualified and experienced personnel who receive ongoing training, to provide you with the best possible service. We follow strict security procedures when it comes to accessing, delivering or picking-up your electronic records.

Why Outsource your media storage to Augusta Data Storage?

Adequate Protection Over Critical Data

Unforeseen incidents and disasters happen; often with little to no warning. Should your workplace experience a fire, flood, explosion, or even theft, your critical data may be damaged or worse, gone for good. Imagine the impact this loss might have on your company. The risks are simply not worth it. Storing your electronic media with Augusta Data Storage is the only solution that guarantees protection over your information.

Our state of the art records storage facility provides the ultimate safe haven for your critical data, featuring the following:

  • Climate Controlled Vault that ensures temperatures remain consistent and free from fluctuation in temperature/humidity.
  • Restricted Access that requires registration upon arrival
  • 24/7 security surveillance and monitored alarm systems
  • Automatic backup power generation ensures continuity of power to essential equipment

Cost-Effective, Flexible Media Storage Rates

Store your sensitive media for as long or as short as desired. There are no long-term commitment obligations; you choose how long our record storage services are required. At Augusta Data Storage, Inc. our media storage rates are extremely affordable and flexible. Our cost-effective short- term and long-term media storage rates, make moving your critical data to Augusta Data Storage, Inc. a wise business decision from both a security and financial standpoint.

Bar-Coded System for Additional Efficiency

All electronic data being stored is bar coded and then scanned into a bar coded shelf location, for easy and quick search, retrieval, reporting and managing.

Flexible Requesting & Scheduling

Requests for your records can be done by:

  • Accessing our online software via the web, which allows you to view, edit, or request critical data
  • Contacting our team by telephone, fax or email with your specific request

Flexible Delivery

Your critical data is scheduled in regular delivery/pick up cycles. However, you never know when the need for the retrieval of critical data will come up. Keeping that in mind, Augusta Data Storage provides customers with:

  • 24-hours a day delivery service through our security transport pouches
  •  Emergency rush and fax service is also available

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