Climate Controlled Media Vault

Augusta Data Storage’s custom-built vault is designed and constructed for total climate control and hazard protection. The vacuum-sealed room is set at 68 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity level of 40-60% and is protected by a Halon 1301 suppression system.

Specialized Media Storage Solutions

For Your Sensitive Items

Electronic and other specialized media requires protection from heat and humidity, as well as safekeeping from fire and water damage, theft, or loss. That is why off-site storage of your computerized data should become an integral part of your company’s records protection program.

Whether you are storing temperature-sensitive archival items or digital and tape backups of your company’s records and information, our vault storage services offer the same level of security and management as provided for records stored in our warehouse facilities.

Our climate-controlled storage solutions include:

  • Off-site, secure storage
  • Scheduled media rotation services
  • 24/7 access and delivery options
  • Emergency response capabilities
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Computerized tracking and retrieval management
  • 24/7 climate control and hazard protection
MEDIA STORAGE - CLIMATE CONTROLLED - 1 specialized solutions

Augusta Data Storage's Climate Controlled Media Vault

The climate controlled media vault at Augusta Data Storage offers specialized storage solutions for your vital media and sensitive items, such as

Video / Audio Tapes
External Hard Drives
Backup Servers
Solid State Drives
Other Temperature sensitive items
MEDIA STORAGE - CLIMATE CONTROLLED - 2 adequate protection
Adequate Protection Over Critical Data

Record Safe Haven

Unforeseen incidents and disasters happen, often with little to no warning. Should your workplace experience a fire, flood, explosion, or even theft, your critical data may be damaged or worse, gone for good. Imagine the impact this loss might have on your company. The risks are simply not worth it. Storing your electronic media with Augusta Data Storage is the only solution that guarantees protection for your information.

Our state-of-the-art records storage facility provides the ultimate safe haven for your critical data, featuring the following:

  • Climate controlled vault that ensures temperatures remain consistent and free from fluctuation in temperature/humidity
  • Restricted access that requires registration upon arrival
  • 24/7 security surveillance and monitored alarm systems
  • Automatic backup power generation, which ensures continuity of power to essential equipment

Management Made Easy

Off-site vault storage offers various protections for business assets and information. While security threats are always top of mind, environmental threats create additional hazards for information stored on-site at your place of business. Taking advantage of off-site, specialized storage creates an additional layer of protection for one of the most valuable assets of your business, your information.

In addition, we prioritize the security of your information once it arrives at our facilities by restricting and monitoring access to storage areas and ensuring that only authorized personnel assist with the management of your assets. Our trained and security-screened personnel will manage and oversee regular rotations, pickups, and deliveries for all items stored inside our vault, and you will be able to access tracking and inventory management options through our cloud-based client portal.

MEDIA STORAGE - CLIMATE CONTROLLED - 4 destruction services
Secure Destruction Services

In-house & Secure

Once your archived information is ready to be purged from our inventory, we offer in-house, secure, NAID-AAA Certified media destruction services for hard drives and other electronic devices. Our solutions allow you to maintain a short chain-of-custody, and we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for any items purged and destroyed from our media vault.

Secure Transport

Management Made Easy

Augusta Data Storage, Inc. realizes the importance of security and protection during transport of your magnetic media.

We are an authorized dealer for Turtle Data Storage Cases.

Turtle Cases protect against data’s most dangerous enemies:

  • Tape edge damage from shock/impact
  • Debris from foreign contaminants
  • Temperature / humidity extremes


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"ADSI, provides on site secure shredding of your customer's private information, and can shreds it once again once it arrives at ADSI facility. Also they have a temperature controlled storage facility that can house records for as long as need be, for records that you need accesss to and don't want to shred."