Preparing for Your Next Office Move or Specialty Facility Relocation

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It’s no secret that Augusta Data Storage has you covered when it comes to managing, relocating, and protecting your records. But did you know that our sister company, ADSI Moving Systems can expand the relocation experience with a full suite of office move and logistics services. 

Local hospitals, medical facilities, law practices, real estate firms, library and archives facilities and more have trusted their file-heavy relocations to Team ETG, creating a one stop shop for local logistics and office move solutions. Here’s a look at how we’re getting it done. 

Office Move Process

Before The Move

Before you move make a game plan on what needs to be done. Your plan should include these  four phases: Pre-move walkthrough, move planning, storage service, and project management. Let’s break each of these steps down. 

Pre-Move Walkthrough: Our Moving Coordinators will help you with a walkthrough of your current and new office space to get a better understanding of your needs. This will serve as the foundation of your relocation plan.

Move Planning: We then outline the process and tasks needed to complete your move, including any additional equipment or speciality relocation needs, temporary storage, and FF&E delivery and installations.

Storage Service: If you are in need of a storage facility for the time being, we offers long or short-term storage.

Project Management: You won’t have to do this alone because your Move Coordinator  will be there every step of the way.

After The Move

After all of your items have been transferred to the new space, our team will assist with reassembling  furniture, IT and equipment setup, debris clean up and haul away, and a final walk through of the new space to ensure a job well done.

Relocating Your Medical Facility

Ellefson Transportation Group is a relocation partner for many of the area’s top hospitals and medical universities, and medical practices. We have experience relocating specialized equipment, patient rooms, OR rooms, offices, and labs. 

In addition to managing the relocation of the physical components of your medical office or hospital facility, our team is also available to help with medical file relocation, off-site records storage, and secure purge shredding. 

Medical files contain a vast amount of sensitive information, which is  why it’s important that you are able to maintain a tight chain of custody during storage, relocation and secure destruction.

Need a little extra storage space for archived records?  Our secure, off-site storage facility is a great place to store your healthcare records. Retrieval is simple and we offer 24/7 records access to our clients, because we know that emergencies are never predictable.  

Relocating your Library or Archives Facility

Are you moving or downsizing your library or archives facility? Ellefson Transportation Group will be right by your side as we pre-map your space, assess your phasing plan, and outline your time requirements. We will work with you throughout the whole process to ensure your items are set up and relocated the way you’d like your classification system to be.

We also include:

  • Weather Proofing
  • Protective Packing Material 
  • Library Carts for Relocation 

Moving Your Files Off-site

If you are looking to relocate your files off-site, our sister company, Augusta Data Storage is a local leader in the secure storage and records management space. 

Here’s a peek inside our file relocation process:

We take your existing filing system and maintain it so that you can eliminate downtime and re-organization once you’ve moved. 

While you are preparing your files for relocation, its a great time to separate outdated records and set them aside for bulk purging.

On the day of your relocation we will move your active and archived files. The files that were set aside for purging will be securely destroyed in either our mobile shred unit or at our facility.

Our storage facility is equipped with state of the art security so you will never have to worry. You will be able to check the storage status and manage retention schedules  through our O’Neil inventory monitoring software. You can also make service requests via our customer portal. 

Do you have records and archival items that require special storage conditions? We offer a climate-controlled media vault for those items and also manage a NARA compliant storage facility. 

Pre-Move Purges

If you no longer need certain items the best thing to do is to purge them. Augusta Data Storage specializes in purging or bulk shredding of paper records and electronic devices.

Bulk Purging

If you have a large amount of files that are no longer needed we suggest a bulk purge before your move. This helps to minimize the volume of files that have to be relocated to your new facility and helps you maintain your information management standards.

Purge Outdated Electronics

When an electronic device comes to the end of its life many people think that  deleting the information from the devices means it is no longer accessible. With advancements in hacking and file recovery technology, a simple erasure will note ensure the destruction of your information. 

To safely destroy your electronic devices you should consider e-cycling them. Augusta Data Storage is able to help you safely and securely dispose of your electronic via our mobile shredding truck or at our facility. 

Specialized Storage

If your items require specialized storage, we have you covered. The Ellefson Transportation Group family of businesses offers:

  • NARA compliant storage for archives and government records
  • Vault storage for tapes, microfiche, film, hard drives, CDs
  • Palletized storage for old computers and electronic devices
  • Logistics-ready storage for furniture, fixtures, and equipment while you’re preparing your new office space/ storage of older, unused items if you’re downsizing.

If you’re ready to get moving, ETG offers an all-in-one solution for your office move services. ETG specializes in:

  • Logistics
  • Office Moves
  • Records Management
  • Record Relocation
  • Record Destruction

Get in touch with one of our relocation coordinators or visit our website for a quote today.