Protecting your Information & the Environment Part 1: Document Destruction


In 2018 Augusta Data Storage collected and shredded over 2 Million pounds of paper from our customers across the CSRA. As a result, we were able to amass significant environmental savings, which you can read about in our annual environmental savings report.

Many of you have asked questions like “what happens to all the paper you shred?” or “what are you doing promote green practices in your destruction business?” so today we’re sharing the steps we take to ensure that our processes and our vendors are working to protect not only your information, but also our environment.


When Augusta Data Storage collects the records from your shred bin or helps your business with a bulk record purge, your documents are processed (using industry certified standards) and baled in our secure shred facility.

During this process, thousands of documents are processed and baled for recycling. Once baled, the paper pulp is transferred to a local recycling facility which processes the shredded paper and turns it into new consumer products like paper towels or recycled office paper. Our local recycling partners hold a variety of third-party environmental safety and sustainability certifications for their recycling and production processes. We’re proud to support an eco-friendly downstream that focuses on the importance of decreasing their environmental impact throughout their processes.

Tune in for Part II of our green processing series as we take a closer look at how we’re working to support a “zero-landfill” process as a part of our e-waste destruction Program.