How do Record Retrieval Services work?


For many of our Augusta, GA area customers, record storage is a major part of the business they do with us. They are able to use our facility to store some of their archived files that they need access to less frequently, freeing up extra space for active records inside their in-house storage spaces.


When the records go into storage, our customers still need the peace-of-mind that they will be able to access these records at the drop of a hat, which is why our team offers a 24/7/365 record retrieval service. But, when you store as many records as we do, you have to have a streamlined process to keep it all organized, and easy to access.


Here is a look at how our process unfolds at Augusta Data Storage.


When we receive new records to store in our warehouse, they are computer indexed using barcode tracking, so they can be easily located, if necessary. They are then stored in our restricted access warehouse facility.




We offer 24/7 retrieval access to the records stored in our facilities. When our clients need access to their records, they submit a request via RS Web with the pertinent file information and our warehouse personnel are notified of the request.




Once the request is received, our warehouse personnel will look up the records or boxes and be able to pinpoint their location in our warehouse using our barcode tracking system. Once the files are pulled, they are checked out for delivery.




After the files are checked out, we prep them for deliver. An on-call member of our team is available for file delivery service on nights, weekends, and holidays.


In addition to hardcopy delivery, we can all deliver files via email and fax, at your request.


Our Record Retrieval services include: box retrieval, file retrieval, document retrieval, desktop delivery, fax delivery, telephone delivery, e-mail delivery, and RSWeb internet access for file requests and updates.