File Purging & Relocation

File Purging & Relocation Services

Augusta Data Storage, Inc. offers a file purging and film purging service that is second to none. Our personnel can sort, purge, pack, inventory and relocate your files without disrupting your operation.  We utilize special carts that enable us to keep your records properly sequenced throughout the process

File Relocation Services

Additional services include relocation of records from your active file location to your on-site archive area, relocation to our off-site facility, or secure document destruction. This service is available with no requirements that your records currently be stored at our facility. Our purging and file relocation services can be completed during normal business hours, after hours or on weekends. Our purge service is a great way to create additional space within your office environment.

Other Records Management Services

Systematic purging of records reduces storage costs while minimizing the chance of improper handling of sensitive file information. Our skilled records management professionals provide the following services:

  • On-site record sort and purge
  • Records packing
  • Inventory assessment
  • Barcode labeling
  • Relocation to secure off-site storage facility
  • On-site transfer from active file location to archive area
  • Secure document destruction