Records Storage Boxes & Cartons

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As you prepare your records for storage, whether in your own facility or in an off-site secure warehouse, like the one at Augusta Data Storage, quality record storage cartons should be a top priority to help protect your records.

ADS Carton


If you need boxes for your records, Augusta Data Storage offers high-quality cartons for purchase. Our cartons are designed to withstand stacking and handling and long-term wear and tear. Our records storage boxes have the following features:

Standard 1.2 cft letter transfer cartons (12” W x 16” L x 10.5” H)

Sturdy, reinforced handles

Pre-printed Labeling Grid

3” Deep cut Fitted lids

32 lb./in ECT Rating, strong construction for stacking during storage

Tape free assembly

Easy to carry handles


If you are preparing your records to store on-site at Augusta Data Storage and purchase cartons from us, we will guarantee the cartons for the duration of your storage period. This means that we will monitor your boxes for damage and replace boxes as they age, to ensure your records are always well maintained and protected.


If you are preparing your records for long-term storage, it’s best to start with new, undamaged boxes. Older and less sturdy boxes often have ripped handles, crushed corners, less sturdy construction, and inadequate shock protection for transport and storage.

Contact Augusta Data Storage to purchase your cartons for storage and we will deliver them to your facility so you can begin packing them prior to your file transfer.

Not transferring your files to an off-site facility? No worries, our boxes are still a great alternative to bargain finds or used cartons. We’re proud to offer our cartons for purchase and use inside your facilities.


Augusta Data Storage, Inc. realizes the importance of ensuring the security and protection of your magnetic media during transport.

We are an authorized dealer for Turtle Data Storage Cases.

Turtle Cases protect against data’s most dangerous enemies:

    • Tape edge damage from shock/impact
    • Debris from foreign contaminants
    • Temperature / Humidity extremes
    • Can be secured with a padlock for extra security