Reminder: Schedule Your Annual Purge Shredding


In today’s time shredding is a MUST. So, let this serve as your annual reminder from Augusta Data Storage to schedule your bulk purge shredding at least once a year. One of the biggest benefits of secure destruction is ensuring the security of your businesses, employees, and clients personal information. 

For many businesses, compliance and information security laws set standard retention requirements for different categories of information. Always remember to review and comply with your organization’s retention policies before scheduling a records purge.  

What Is Purge Shredding?

Purge shredding offers a simple, and secure destruction solution for large volumes of documents that are in need of disposal. Augusta Data Storage uses industry leading shred equipment to safely destroy your items within minutes. Our process is not only the safest route to go but quick and stress-free every time. 

Still hesitant about outsourcing the destruction process? 

The Augusta Data Storage shredding process is NAID-AAA certified and presents you with a document of destruction when completed.

Purge Shredding vs. Scheduled Shredding

What’s the difference between annual purge shredding and scheduled shredding? 

Purge Shredding

Annual or semi-annual purge shredding is a part of many record retention policies. Our secure one-time shredding process includes the disposal of outdated files from your archive. Many of our clients who are in need of this service are clients that are dealing with: Relocation, end of the fiscal year, or tax season. These are often times that require sorting and organizing large collections of files at once.

Scheduled Shredding

Unlike annual purge projects that require large amounts of file destruction, scheduled shredding helps you maintain the security of your day-to-day paper waste that does not need to be archived, but still needs to be protected. You are able to customize your scheduled shredding from the size of your collection containers, to the frequency of pick-ups.

How Does Purge Shredding Work?

What happens during our purge shredding process?

  1. Records are removed from archives or records storage, based on predetermined factors such as dates, record types, past customers, etc.
  2. Records are sorted and prepared for destruction which includes removing from binders, removing large clips, etc.
  3. Records can be destroyed on-site with our mobile shredding units or taken to our secure shredding facility.
  4. Once your items have securely been destroyed we will present you with a certificate of destruction with a list of items that had been destroyed along with the date for your records.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your next records purge.

What Are The Advantages of Purge Shredding?

The advantages of purge shredding at Augusta Data Storage include:

  • Saves you time by doing it all at once 
  • Augusta Data Storages plants shred documents in bulk
  • Our facility is safe and secure 
  • Our team undergoes a background check 
  • We provide a tight chain of custody
  • Our processes are certified/compliant 

How Long Should I Keep My Records?

Retention scheduled detail how long you should keep your records. Generally speaking, these schedules depend on three things, actions, expenses, or events which the document records. 

What Should You Keep? 

You should keep your records that include an item of income, deduction or credit shown on your tax return. Once your period of limitation for that tax return expires, you are then able to dispose of it. 

Are You Ready To Purge and Shred Your Items? 

Augusta Data Storage is here to help. Call us today at 706.793.0186 or get a quote today.