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REMINDER: It’s Time to Review Your Retention Policy!

It’s the start of a new year, and for many businesses that includes a lot of house-keeping and planning. As a part of that process, be sure to review and update your records retention policy.
If you’re starting from scratch with a new plan, we have some great resources on  Information Management BasicsDeveloping a Records Management PolicyCompliance Tips and Employee Education to help you get started.
If you have a plan or policy in place, here are some specifics you’ll want to make sure to update as you head into the new year.


It’s important to regularly check-in for industry-specific updates on compliance, retention requirements, and data security. As these laws continue to evolve, your internal policies should adjust accordingly.


Follow the headlines or Information Security Blogs and social channels for updates on new security risks that can put your information at risk. Assess how these new risks might impact your business and what you can do to protect your information internally.


Make plans for regular employee education about
  • new risks and security threats
  • the importance of information security
  • best practices and internal policies
Whether you do this in the form of regular meetings, updates, Memos, or office signage, it’s important to keep education on information security top of mind!


As potential risks continue to evolve, be sure that you update your Data Breach Response plan accordingly. Knowing who is responsible for various tasks in the event of a Data Breach is key to managing the situation effectively.


Review your current retention schedule and destruction policies. Make sure you schedule any annual purge shredding for year-end. If you have on-going shredding needs, consider implementing a regular secure shredding services, or updating your current secure shredding service schedule to match your needs, based on the last 6 months of use.


Finally be sure to review your record storage areas to ensure they are still in compliance with the rules and regulations for your specific industry, purge any items no longer needed, and plan for any additional storage space you may need for the new year.
As you work your way through your records management policy updates, remember that Augusta Data Storage is your Augusta area provider for secure shredding, large-scale purge projects, records storage, document imaging, and more! Contact us today for more information on any of our services.
Published by Kristin Stokes
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