Right-sizing Your Office Space?


The new year is approaching, and for some, new year means new office spaces! If you are looking to right-size your office space in 2022, Augusta Data Storage is here to help. Reducing your office footprint can be as simple as moving records, tape, or back up storage solutions off-site.

Records Storage and Management Solutions

Here at Augusta Data Storage, keeping your records secure is our top priority. That’s why our storage facility is servailed 24/7 to ensure only authorized access is permitted to your records. When it comes to keeping your records physically secure, our storage facility is equipped with advanced fire, smoke, and hazard warning systems, and we even offer climate controlled storage in our secure vault.

Climate Controlled Storage

Our custom-built, vacuum-sealed vault is protected by the Halon 1301 suppression system. This keeps our room set at 68 degrees fahrenheit with a humidity level of 40%-60%. The climate controlled vault storage is ideal for backup tapes and discs, hard drives, and other climate-sensitive items. You can rest assured that your electronics and other media will also be secure and protected against fire and water damage, theft, or loss.

Digital Management

We make record management easy with software by O’Neil. Your Client Portal allows you to control, access, and manage vital records efficiently and securely.

Retrieval Access

If you need your records, we offer a variety of access options. Scan on demand allows you quick and easy digital delivery of your records via encrypted email. Need a hard copy? Request a file pickup or delivery to one of your authorized managers. .

Retention Management

We can also help you manage your records retention schedules. Once the destruction date arrives, you will have an opportunity to review records to confirm destruction. Once destruction is approved, your records will be pulled from our storage facility, and securely destroyed. Upon destruction we will provide a certificate of destruction.

Document Conversion

Ready to go all-digital and save on that file storage space? Our document conversion services give you a quick and simple solution for converting years of paper records to a searchable digital archive.

Once scanned your digital files are delivered to you and we can also keep a second copy on site, in our secure climate controlled vault.

Once we’re done scanning your records, if you no longer need them, we’re happy to provide bulk shredding services.

File Relocation

During your right-sizing, file relocation is a great place to start. Although relocating files to a new office or off-site storage facility can be daunting, Augusta Data Storage has created a way to make it easier.

We simplify your relocation with these steps:

  • Packing: Rolling carts to maximize space
  • Organizing: We load your files in order, so they can easily be re-filed
  • Wrapping: Once the files are loaded onto the cart, we wrap each cart to keep the files in place during transport
  • Loading: Once the carts are loaded and wrapped we roll them into our trucks and secure them
  • Relocation: Your files will be transported to your new office by our crew
  • Re-Filing: At your new office, files are unloaded and refiled into your new file storage area

Bulk Purging

If you are managing personally identifiable or proprietary data, you are responsible for the integrity of that information through final destruction. It can be tempting to simply toss old our outdated records, but, if found, your old records can create a paper trail leaving you liable for a variety of information management mishaps.

or Moving your office is the perfect time to take advantage of bulk purging services. Bulk purging is a quick and easy way to dispose of large volumes of these unwanted or outdated files. Our NAID-AAA Certified process ensures that your information is destroyed securely. Once your data has been purged, we will send you a certificate of destruction as a record of compliance.

Scheduled Shredding Service

Once you have completed your office relocation, call Augusta Data Storage for your shredding needs. We provide scheduled on-site shredding to ensure your documents are secure during the destruction process. We are able to do bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly shreddings. This way you are able to keep your space clear and organized from now on.

Extra Space Solution

As you begin to right-size your office space, Augusta Data Storage is your local partner for records management, storage and destruction services. Taking advantage of our off-site storage solutions is a quick and easy way to minimize your office’s footprint. Contact Augusta Data Storage today for additional information.

P.S. Don’t forget our sister company, ADSI Moving Systems, for all your office relocation and logistics needs.