Scanning and Imaging With Augusta Data Storage


Start off 2022 by saying, “Out with the old and in with the new.” Make it a priority this year to convert your paper documents and records into digital files. Our OCR scanning and imaging process makes it easier to search, store, and access all your information.


Document scanning is fast, easy, and secure. We take the hassle of page-by-page scanning off your plate and expedite the process. When your digitize your records you’ll be able to

  • Locate and retrieve information quickly
  • Streamline business processes
  • Free up costly office space
  • Keep your information private and your business compliant

Bulk Scanning

Augusta Data Storage provides bulk scanning services for businesses, medical offices and professional services firms. Our scanning and imaging process migrates all your files from paper to digital in bulk, so you can streamline the process of  going paperless. 

The files can be sorted and archived to help speed up your day-to-day operations by making it easier to search, access, and manage your information with a few simple clicks.

Document Conversion Process

What does our document conversion process look like?

Records Transfer

It all starts with our qualified team transferring your records to our facility for conversion.

Digital Conversion 

Our document conversion process allows us to convert bulk records to save your internal team time and resources. Once these items have been converted they will be organized and securely delivered for easy upload and integration in your digital systems. 

Secure Records Storage

Your items can be kept in our offsite storage warehouse that is secure and monitored. Our environmental security features include access to NARA compliant and climate-controlled storage options.

Digital Backup Storage

We recommend storing your digital files on the cloud either on-site or offsite. Our on-site storage includes a climate-controlled vault for digital backup devices, tape, and other temperature and climate-sensitive items.

Secure Destruction

Last but not least, Augusta Data Storage provides secure destruction during the conversion process. This is a NAID-AAA certified process which is the safest solution for your no longer needed files. When we complete this process we will provide you with a certificate of destruction.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scans and digitizes your files to transfer your hard copy information to a powerful digital database. OCR identifies text in photos and scanned documents and converts them into electronic documents. These documents can be edited, searched, and stored digitally.

Extra Solutions

File Relocation

Augusta Data Storage provides a secure and efficient process to have your documents relocated. If you have a large volume of files that need to be converted, our team can help pack and relocate them to another office or to our storage facility. Our trained staff will ensure your files are safely and securely relocated to their new destination. 

Files/Archive Storage

Need somewhere to archive your recently converted paper records? Your files are safe in our state of the art storage facility. Our restricted entry warehouse is monitored by surveillance 24/7. Additionally, our facility is equipped with fire, smoke, and hazard warning systems. Need access to those files, login to our client portal or reach out to us to 24/7 access and retrieval options.

Retention Schedules

If your records are stored offsite at our facility, Augusta Data Storage helps you manage retention schedules for your records. You can set and update your schedules in your customer portal and when it’s time for your records to be purged and destroyed, we can help with that too. 

Puge Shredding

Once your records reach the end of their lifecycle, our NAID-AAA certified shredding process ensures your records are properly destroyed. Once your files are securely shredded, we provide you with a certification of destruction for your compliance records. Need regular access to routine secure shredding service? Augusta Data Storage provides scheduled shredding services as well. Get the full scoop here

Retention Schedules

Augusta Data Storage can help you manage retention schedules for your records. Whenever you are ready to destroy your records, Augusta Data Storage can destroy them for you.

Still dragging your feet when it comes to going paperless? Augusta Data Storage can help. From scanning and imaging to storing and shredding, we’re your one-stop-shop for tackling records digitization. Contact us today for your quote or give us a call at 706.793.0186.