Scheduled Shredding Services

Office shredders tend to be fairly noisy, causing distraction among your employees. While they may seem like a practical solution, they actually require more work and attention than you might think. Security is a big problem with these devices, and because they aren’t built to shred a large volume of documents on a regular basis, they often break down, costing you more in the long-run.

How can Augusta Data Storage assist your company? We can make your document management a lot easier by providing you customized and unique, scheduled shredding solutions. Based on the number of documents you accumulate and need to dispose of, we’ll work with you to arrange a scheduled collection date that is fitting to your needs and budgetary requirements. Whether you own and operate a small business or a large corporation, Augusta Data Storage has significant experience in the industry and has provided document management options to clients from all industries for more than 20 years.  We are proud to assure you that you’ll benefit from improved security and day-to-day business efficiencies, almost immediately following our shredding services.

Our scheduled document shredding solutions are provided both directly at your place of business, and we also offer scheduled shredding at our facility. Our professionals will supply you with lockable collection bins that can be placed throughout your office as you see appropriate. For quick and easy disposal, simply slide your documents through the paper slot of each security container and our team will service your bins at your predetermined scheduled date. We will collect and shred your documents as regularly as you wish; clients have the option to choose between a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. With each scheduled shred job, we provide our clients’ with a Certificate of Destruction that outlines the shredding was completed properly and in accordance with strict privacy legislation.

Scheduled shredding is ideal if you know that you’ll require more than one purge clean-out. With this service option, you’ll save tremendous time and money, improve your work efficiencies, and most importantly maintain security over your information, thus protecting your business, employees, and customers.


The Benefits of Scheduled Document Shredding

  • Your staff isn’t spending numerous hours on tasks that take away from internal productivity. Use your employee time wisely with professional, shredding.
  • Sensitive documents aren’t tossed in an unsecured trash or recycling bin.
  • Documents are shred securely and professionally in a timely manner.
  • Our shred process guarantees a secure, chain of custody protecting your brand and ensuring your vital information is secure.
  • All shredded material is recycled, contributing to a greener environment and reduced carbon footprint.