Document Destruction Purging

Document Purging & Documnet Destruction Facilities

“Reduce storage costs and diminish the chance of improper handling”

When considering your office expenditures, you’re budgeting for more than just the rental space for your office; the long-term fees involved with storing a considerable volume of documents on-site can turn into an unexpected expense nobody wants to deal with.  Maintaining records on-site at your place of business not only consumes valuable office space, if it’s discovered documents are maintained improperly, there could be legal implications and fees as a result.

A messy and unorganized office environment does not encourage productive work ethic and can be distracting for employees. If endless documents are piling up it can also be a security risk for your company as confidential information could be exposed or stolen unknowingly. Secure document disposal is simply critical to maintain an orderly and secure office. Failing to dispose of your confidential material properly and in a timely manner can lead to all sorts of problems, including data breach. What’s the best solution to avoid such consequences? If you have a stockpile of old records to get rid of, refrain from storing them unless they are required for future reference. A purge shredding service is exactly what you need, to securely and safely dispose of your materials.

Remember that any data found in documents or on tapes and hard drives could also be considered a dangerous threat to your business, if exposed to the wrong individual. Information theft and data breach are incidents that happen all the time; the only way to remain 100% secure is through professional destruction services.

Systematic purging of files will reduce storage costs and diminish the chance of improper handling of sensitive file information. Augusta Data Storage, Inc. will remove any obsolete material from an off-site storage location or your facility and destroy by shredding. Shredded material is collected, baled and then sent to paper mills for recycling. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction stating that your records or related material has been destroyed.

Our destruction services include:

  • Pickup of material from your facility or office
  • Destruction of material through shredding
  • Recycling of all shredded material
  • Certified weight ticket and list of material destroyed
  • Certificate of Destruction
  • Destruction Witnessing


Limit Your Risk with Purge Shredding Services

Augusta Data Storage, Inc. offers residents and organizations with easy and cost-effective, purge shredding solutions that guarantees records are shred beyond recovery.  Our one-time purge shredding option is completed directly on-site at your location, which allows you to watch the entire process form beginning to end. Our shred professionals will handle the shredding of your material in mere minutes, through the use of industry leading shred equipment. Regardless of whether you have little to shred or an entire room of record requiring destruction, our team will carry out purge shredding services of all size. When you hire our team, you’ll receive the benefit of quick and stress-free service each and every time.


Purge Shredding Services are Ideal for:

  • Document shredding prior to relocating
  • Yearly cleanouts
  • Finalizing of an audit or litigation
  • Corporate consolidation
  • Shredding of sensitive documents for compliance reasons


Easy and Fast One-time Purge Service

If you’re looking for a shredding provider in Augusta who can provide you with quick and affordable purge services, simply contact our office when service is needed, or you may arrange a service date that is fitting to your schedule. For organizations wishing to schedule a service date, we will conduct an initial overview of your purge needs first, and then arrange an appropriate date and time for the shredding to occur. Prior to your scheduled shred service, Augusta Data Storage will supply your Denver business with lockable collection containers, allowing for simple and safe document collection.

Once your scheduled service date arrives, an Augusta Data Storage professional will come to your Denver location to perform the shredding process immediately. All documents are collected and placed on our mobile shred trucks for thorough destruction.

Our purge shredding services offer residents and businesses:

  • One-time, quarterly, biannual, or annual options
  • Reliable and flexible scheduling for the best service
  • State of the art shred technology, providing the highest level of security