On-Site Document Shredding

On-Site Document Shredding Truck

“The moral and legal responsibility to maintain confidentiality is critical”

Whether you need to destroy confidential files or hard copy records, Augusta Data Storage, Inc. can manage the process efficiently and effectively to ensure your protection. For many industries such as banking, law firms, hospitals and government agencies, the moral and legal responsibility to maintain confidentiality is critical. Many of these organizations find that by using waste haulers, recyclers or off-site shredding operations, they lose control of their private materials. In addition to legal concerns, the secure disposal of customer lists, price lists, sales data, drafts, contracts, bids and even interoffice communications safeguards your business from anyone that might benefit from accessing your confidential business information. It also protects your customers and employees from possible identity theft.

The convenience of Augusta Data Storage, Inc.’s mobile unit eliminates any doubt or question as to the handling and ultimate disposal of your sensitive documents. This service provides the security of knowing that un-destroyed records never leave your premises. We provide convenient, secure containers for neat and easy collection and will schedule your document destruction, according to your volume and routine.

Why Choose On-Site Document Shredding?

  • Benefit from convenient and professional service by our skilled staff, and state of the art mobile shred truck
  • Purge shred services are provided for one-time office clean outs or large bulk shredding requirements
  • All sensitive material remains at your location and is never transported or sorted off-site, maintaining a high level of security
  • Our shred truck can destroy in minutes what typically takes several hours to complete in-house, and we’ll do it with little disruption in your work day
  • Witness the shredding process first-hand through our high-tech video surveillance.

Additional Benefits of On-Site Document Shredding

You’ll have peace of mind

When you partner with Augusta Data Storage Inc. for your shredding needs, you benefit from a secure process that follows a strict chain of custody, protecting your information from being lost or stolen. We’ll provide you with lockable collection containers, to safely store documents in prior to shredding. Furthermore, you can witness the actual shredding without it taking away from your work activity. Seeing your documents being shred firsthand will give you peace of mind in knowing that all data has been destroyed and there is no chance of it becoming exposed.

You can include last-minute add-ons

Due to the fact that we come to your business location, there’s always time to include any last minute documents you might wish to shred while we’re parked outside your facility. Additionally you have the option to schedule shredding appointments on specific days that work well for your business; this pre-determined schedule will significantly reduce any risk of data exposure.

All shredded material is irrecoverable

The biggest benefit of hiring an onsite shredding provider is that we’re equipped to shred documents beyond recovery. In fact, our mobile shredder features cross-cut shred machinery that is so advanced that paper is shred into tiny pieces rather than strips. These micro pieces are then mixed with other shredded paper, thus making it impossible to reassemble. Not only that, all shredded pieces are typically recycled, so you can rest assured it will not affect your company’s social responsibility practices. If requested, an audit trail can be provided as proof of your legal compliance with shredding, in accordance with privacy laws.

You’ll save time and energy

In an attempt to reduce internal costs, some business owners think that the best method of doing so is to assign employees to handle the shredding that is needed. However, they often don’t take into account that in-house shredding diverts their focus from core business tasks. In addition, leaving this important process to your staff may result in breaches of confidentiality, as there will be no way to guarantee that the sensitive documents are in fact unrecoverable.

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