Self Storage vs Secure Off-Site Storage


If you keep your records in a storage unit, this is for you! Did you know that off-site records storage is cheaper and more secure than a rental storage unit? Make sure your records are safe with offsite storage from Augusta Data Storage

Records storage and management are a priority at Augusta Data Storage. When you choose us for your storage needs, here are the benefits you can expect. 

Did you know that off-site records storage is cheaper and more secure than a rental storage unit?

Lower Monthly Minimums

At Augusta Data Storage our record storage monthly minimums are lower than the average cost of a storage unit. Secure off-site facilities offer  a budget friendly option to store your business records, legal documents, medical records, or confidential files.

Eliminate Wasted Space

When we bring your records into our off-site storage facility, your business only rents the amount of space needed in the warehouse. While many storage facilities offer locked units, these units are sold in pre-set sized and often require you to rent more space than you need. Our options are customizable to ensure you aren’t paying for extra space you aren’t using.

Files are Cataloged and Organized

An organized file system eliminates downtime needed to locate records. This creates a more efficient system for file retrieval.

Inventory Monitoring

Augusta Data Storage manages records through our  inventory monitoring system, O’Neil. This gives customers the ability to check the status or their records moving in and out of storage. You can also request file retrievals and refiling. 

Restricted Access

Our facility has restricted access, eliminating potential security threats. Your records are safe and secure in our off site storage facility. 

Secure Facility

Our facility is secure and offers a variety of monitoring systems. From fire and flood to unauthorized access, we implement various safeguards to protect your information from a myriad of threats.

Retrieval Options

We offer retrieval options including pick up, delivery, and digital delivery via encrypted email. This is a time saver compared to sending people to dig through unorganized files in a storage unit.

Secure Destruction

We offer many types of secure destruction options. Document shredding is available for large or small batches, whether scheduled or as needed. 

Why should you choose off-site records storage?
- Lower monthly minimums
- Eliminate wasted space
- File organization
- Security and monitoring

Records Relocation 

Our file relocation services are great for an organizational move that requires the relocation of large collections of files files or archive storage. 

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