How to Simplify Your File Relocation When Moving to a New Office


As our partners at ADSI Moving Systems know all too well, there are a lot of things that go into planning and executing an office move. In addition to the logistics and management of potential service interruptions, you also have to consider specialty relocation needs like equipment or large furniture and fixtures; and if you manage an office that maintains client or patient records (like an accounting firm, law office, or medical practice), planning and completing a file relocation is a tall task.


Whether you are moving a few large filing cabinets or an entire file room, it’s important to have a plan in place to get your records from one place to another in an orderly fashion. If you have filing systems that are not permanent fixtures in your building, many people just lock up the drawers and move the filled cabinets, but these can be very heavy and this doesn’t keep your items from being jarred or jostled around in transit, which means loosely packed hanging files can easily fall or spill within the drawers.


Other times, business owners find themselves purchasing bankers boxes, loading them up with all the files and then sorting and reorganizing the files at their new building, a task that can take a significant amount of time.


If you are planning an office move and have a large file storage area or file archive space, Augusta Data Storage can help you simplify the process.  Our file transfer services are easy to use and take all the heavy lifting out of the process.


Our team will come in and load the files on our rolling carts in file-order. We have handled several large-scale file relocations and have streamlined our processes to ensure your records are transferred and re-filed at your new location in time for you to begin working.


Once the files are loaded on the carts, the carts are securely wrapped so that items will not shift or spill during transfer. The carts are then rolled up onto our trucks and secured for transfer. Once we arrive at your new location the files will be rolled out and refiled into your new storage area.



This process is entirely hands-off for you and your employees, leaving you time and energy to focus on other parts of your relocation. In addition to aiding in file transfers, if your office move leaves you with excess paper waste or outdated files that need to be securely destroyed, you can count on our NAID AAA Certified destruction process to help you purge your records. Our on-site and plant based shredding operations are safe for your documents AND the environment; 100% of the paper pulp we shred is baled and recycled to make new paper products, helping to reduce the environmental impact of paper waste.


Interested in learning more about our file relocation solutions and if they might be a good fit for your upcoming office move? Contact us today: 706.793.0186