Upgrading Your Systems? What Happens to Your Old Devices?


With Microsoft’s Windows 7 reaching its End-of-Life on January 14th this year, devices running  this operating system will no longer be receiving security updates. This puts many Windows 7 users at risk, especially businesses responsible for keeping their customer’s information safe. But before you go upgrading to new equipment and tossing hard drives into storage, consider the challenges holding onto data produce. 

Is your office equipped with space or security required to maintain privacy compliance? In this article, we’ll be talking about the risks you can avoid and the rewards you can achieve with Augusta Data Storage’s Hard Drive Shredding Solutions.

End-of-Life Devices & Risks

Windows 7 will only become more deprecated from here on out, presenting the perfect opportunity to upgrade those systems. If you decide to purchase all new hardware you may be wondering what to do with the previous equipment. 

Recycling, selling, converting for personal use? No matter the case you’ll want to pull those hard drives for safekeeping or wipe them all together. Unfortunately, both routes face their own set of issues, and even a wipe isn’t always an end-all solution.

Storing vs. Wiping, Are Either Enough?

If you decide to store your equipment and hard drives for safekeeping, you’ll need the appropriate space. Perhaps not much of an issue for some, although larger businesses might have more hardware than they know what to do with. Either way, you’ll be consuming space that could have been optimized for better use. 

Second, you’ll need to secure that space. It’s easy to stow company data and lose track of who’s been accessing it, and when. You may be surprised to learn that even a complete disk wipe can leave residual data behind. Eventually, you may find your information in the wrong hands, creating enormous financial and legal headaches. Identity theft, fraud, intelligence leaks and more. 

So, what can you do?

Destroy Information Securely

Have your electronic data destroyed professionally, and keep your peace of mind. Augusta Data Storage offers secure Hard Drive Shredding services to protect your information and your business. With NAID AAA Certified Hard Drive Destruction procedures, we eliminate the possibility of your end-of-life electronics posing any confidential risk. We offer environmentally friendly destruction solutions with secure, monitored chains of custody. After your information is destroyed in our Ameri-Shred Corp HDS-1000 Hard Drive Shredder, the components are recycled and you’re presented with a detailed Certificate of Destruction.

Got more than just hard drives? Our industry-leading facilities are equipped to handle the destruction of all your data devices:

  • Hard Drives
  • Solid State Drives
  • Cell Phones
  • CD’s
  • CRT Devices
  • And more!

Not to mention document destruction as well! Contact us to learn more about what devices we can handle.

We’ve Got Your Back

When you’re ready to get started, Augusta Data Storage will come right to you for pick-up. We take your equipment over to our secure on-site facilities for destruction, and you get the peace of mind knowing your electronic data is 100% protected. Don’t risk infringing on privacy legislation, make the right choice. Free your space and your mind, call Augusta Data Storage today.