Why Use a Dedicated Service Provider for Document Imaging

document imaging

If your Georgia business has updated any of its office equipment within the last decade, chances are somewhere in your office you have a scanner. It’s also likely that you’ve never considered having someone dedicated to operating that scanner while creating a digital database of your businesses’ paper documents. Let’s talk about that.

Document imaging is often a timely process if you have many individual, unrelated paper documents lying around your office. The process of adjusting the settings, scanning the document and determining where in your digital computer system you want it to be saved can be a daunting process. This is especially true when repeated for each of hundreds, if not thousands of documents hanging in those filing cabinets. But have you ever considered the benefits of digitizing your document archive and maintaining a digital filing cabinet with a dedicated service provider?

The rise of imaging and online storage technology has brought forward many new possibilities in regards to document storage. Did you know that it’s possible to create an online archive of all of your businesses paper files that can be accessed from literally anywhere? Augusta Data Storage can do just that; going further to provide extra secure storage for your physical documents so that there will always be a physical backup in a climate-controlled, climate secured vault which is always monitored for security and climate damage (hurricanes, tornadoes etc.).

Having an off-site, secured backup location for all your documents is one of the best ways to secure your businesses’ sensitive information in the event of almost any catastrophe situation. The evolution in document imaging technology has made it possible to access these documents from anywhere without needing a physical copy.

Most importantly however; we can do it efficiently and in a timely manner. Our state-of-the-art scanners, software and trained imaging technicians, are able to scan your files at a rate simply not possible with conventional office equipment.

We have also clients who come in telling us of another unrealized benefit following their document imaging; the reduction of clutter in the office! Think of being able to remove those filing cabinets; no more papers scattered around the office! Reductions in office clutter not only lower the pressures of keeping an organized office, but it also allows for much easier management of documents. This service paired with Augusta’s certified and recognized records management services, has the ability to increase office efficiency immensely. By organizing your digital file system and helping you become alert of what documents are important, and which ones can be thrown away, your employees will easily be able to find any documents while not having to worry about sorting through unimportant documents that you no longer need.

Any business with paper documents can benefit from our document imaging services! If you would like to discuss your current business situation, get in touch with us today! We can discuss your goals and offer solutions unique to your desires and needs.