Climate Controlled Media Vault

Electronic media requires special protection from heat and humidity, as well as safekeeping from fire and water damage, theft or loss. That is why off-site storage of your computerized data should become an integral part of your company’s records protection program.

Augusta Data Storage, Inc.’s custom-built vault is designed and constructed for total climate control and hazard protection. The vacuum-sealed room is set at 68 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity level of 50% and is protected by a Halon 1301 suppression system.

Media Vault Security

Entry to our media vault is strictly controlled to protect from unauthorized access. Highly trained Augusta Data Storage, Inc. personnel handle all pickups and deliveries. The actual loading and unloading of vehicles for daily pickups and deliveries are performed inside the facility. Vehicles are driven inside the facility for security as well as protection from the various elements of the weather.

This storage vault offers computerized storage, tracking retrieval and management for your vital media including tapes, disks, reels, microfilm, microfiche, CD-ROMs, X-Rays, video / audio tapes or other temperature sensitive items or vital business records.


Our services include:

  • Off-site, secure storage
  • Scheduled media rotation services
  • Emergency response capabilities
  • Computerized tracking and retrieval management
  • 24 / 7 climate control and hazard protection


Augusta Data Storage, Inc. realizes the importance of ensuring the security and protection of your magnetic media during transport.

We are an authorized dealer for Turtle Data Storage Cases.


Turtle Cases protect against data’s most dangerous enemies:

  • Tape edge damage from shock/impact
  • Debris from foreign contaminants
  • Temperature / Humidity extremes
turtle media transport cases