Secure Records Storage Facility

For over 25 years, Augusta Data Storage is the premier records storage facility in the Augusta, GA area. For over 25 years, our organization has been the partner of choice for records management services for local government organizations, businesses and healthcare professionals across the CSRA. Our records storage facility offers total security for all of your managed records. Surveillance monitoring and restricted entry storage solutions prevent unauthorized access to your records and our facilities are equipped with advanced fire, smoke, and hazard warning systems.

Our Records Storage Capabilities

Our Augusta, GA based records storage facility offers secure information management solutions for businesses, healthcare organizations, and government agencies across the CSRA. Combining industry best practices and state-of-the-art facilities, we’re proud to offer a robust list of specialized storage capabilities to our area partners.

Records Storage

Take advantage of our managed records storage services. With 24/7 retrieval access and remote records management solutions through O’Neil, we’ve simplified off-site storage for area businesses.

Records Management

Records management services are designed to fit the needs of your information management strategies. From off-site storage and retrieval access, to retention monitoring and secure destruction, we can help build a plan to keep your records secure, throughout their lifecycle.

Climate controlled storage

For those climate-sensitive items and information storage devices, our records storage facility offers a climate controlled media vault where we’re able to track and maintain the temperature, humidity, and security of the items stored inside. 

Media / Hard Drive Storage

As more businesses shift to digital asset management, records storage solutions have shifted as well. Our media and hard drive storage solutions offer secure offsite storage for your backup discs, tapes, hard drives, and other electronic devices.

Specialized Storage Solutions

Augusta Data Storage is home to one of Georgia’s only NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) Records Storage Facilities. Our facility meets a set of strict structural, security, and safety standards.

Palletized Storage for Computers and Electronics

Retention requirements don’t stop at records storage, and neither do our storage solutions. When your business has out of service computers and digital devices, our facility is equipped to securely store and manage these digital assets.

Over 160,000 sq.ft. of Records Storage Facilities

The Record Storage Facilities at Augusta Data Storage are designed with one thing in mind: keeping your information safe. We’ve implemented a variety of safety and security features to protect your paper and digital assets from threats. Here’s a look at what makes our facilities unique:

  • 160,000 Sq.ft. of specialized storage space
  • Racking and storage systems rated for box and palletized storage
  • Barcode tracking for boxes and individual files
  • Restricted-entry access facilities
  • Video monitoring systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Climate controlled media storage facilities
  • NARA compliant record storage facilities

When you use our Records Storage Facility you’ll have access to the following related services from Augusta Data Storage.

Hard-Copy Records Storage

Computer Media Storage

Barcode Tracking

Digital Imaging Service

Daily Courier Service

Certified Record Destruction

Disaster Recovery Planning

Scan-on-demand Delivery

Online Access

Facsimile Delivery

Microfilm/Microfiche Storage

Inventory Reports

Mail Service

24/7 Record Access

Packing and File Conversion

Record Cartons for sale

File Purging and Relocation

Security is Our Priority

Managing Safety in our Records Storage Facility

Total security for all of your managed records is our primary focus. Our records storage facility offers advanced security systems and storage techniques and are electronically monitored to prevent unauthorized access to your records.

In case of an emergency, we’re prepared. We have equipped our storage facilities with fire, smoke, and hazard warning systems to limit damage and loss in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Have digital assets? Computer media and microfilm are protected from both heat and humidity in our climate-controlled media vault, which has been constructed to warehouse these sensitive records efficiently and securely. The temperature and humidity inside the vault are monitored electronically, 24/7/365.

Need access to your records? Rest assured, our delivery vehicles are equipped with safety locks and security procedures to eliminate unwanted access to your records.

RECORDS MANAGEMENT - RECORDS STORAGE - security is our top priority

Going Beyond Standards

In 2017 we opened an additional 26,000 sq. ft., National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) compliant facility. This warehouse space meets the various specifications and requirements for records storage, including things like:

  • Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) fire suppression system
  • Monitored, restricted entry access to our facilities
  • 16 internal/external cameras to monitor activity
  • Location above a 100-year floodplain
  • Building structure and racking designed/approved by a structural engineer
  • Fire safety systems designed/approved by a fire safety engineer
Healthcare Records Managements

Storage for Health Records Made Easy

For over 30 years, Augusta Data Storage has partnered with the CSRA’s top hospitals, medical universities and medical practices as the records storage facility of choice for sensitive healthcare records. Our secure, off-site storage and the comprehensive records management plans, including retention and secure destruction schedules, help reduce the burden of information management, all designed to meet industry regulatory requirements.

Healthcare records management Includes:

  • Patient Medical Records
  • Radiology Film
  • MRIs
  • Cine Films
  • EKGs
  • Patient Accounting Files
  • Fetal Monitor Strips
  • Cardiology Records
  • Paraffin Blocks
  • Computer Tapes
  • Glass Slides
  • EEGs
  • In-Patient Records
  • ER Records
Look Inside our Records Management Process

File Relocation

When you’re ready to outsource your records storage solutions, we’ve designed a specialized file relocation process that simplifies the process and ensures the integrity of your file hierarchy within our storage facility.

File Indexing

Once your files are relocated to our off-site records storage facility, we use a file indexing process to assign individual barcodes to your files and file boxes for easy tracking and management.

Records Management

Augusta Data Storage, Inc. uses sophisticated, state-of-the-art software by O’Neil, a technology leader in computerized, off-site records management systems.

Records Security

Our security measures extend beyond our records storage facility. Our staff is security screened and trained on industry best practices and the importance of effectively managing a chain of custody for sensitive information.

Records Retention

Retention Schedules are a part of every records management strategy. We partner with business to plan and manage records retention schedules for items stored in our facility. 

Secure Destruction

When your records reach the end of their specified retention period, our on-site secure destruction services are available to you. Our Secure shredding is NAID-AAA certified and we offer a certificate of destruction for your records.

Computerized Records Management

Access and Retrieval Options for Off-Site Records Storage

Augusta Data Storage, Inc. utilizes software by O’Neil, a technology leader in computerized, off-site records management systems. This system makes controlling, accessing, and managing vital records efficient, secure, and adaptable to your needs.

With our comprehensive computer indexing system and bar code tracking, Augusta Data Storage, Inc. can customize a record keeping system that matches your existing filing method so that items stored in our records storage facility are accessible when and where you need them.. We provide detailed reports that keep you informed about record activity, including retrieval and refile dates, destruction certification, and department level usage to assist with proper cost allocation of records maintenance.

RECORDS MANAGEMENT - RECORDS STORAGE - computer records management
Computer Indexing

For Off-Site Records Storage

Computerized file indexing allows you to record as much or as little information as you need for storage and access of your records. Augusta Data Storage can customize a tracking system that is easy, convenient, and familiar to use. Computer indexing simplifies record tracking and improves off-site control with easy access to your records.

By indexing your records, reports can be sorted by:

  • Department
  • Carton Number
  • Alpha Title
  • Filing Span 9
  • Destruction Date
  • File Number
  • File Description
  • Retrieval Activity
The Benefits of Records Management

Why Your Business Needs and Off-Site Records Storage Partner

The decision to move your records off-site can be a scary one, but when you choose the right partner, the benefits far outweigh potential threats and offer your organization the opportunity to strengthen and improve your records management processes. 


Augusta Data Storage offers simplicity throughout the process. From the time your records arrive at our records storage facility through their final secure destruction, monitoring, accessing, and managing your records is simple and each step exists securely in our closed loop system. 


Our records storage facility prioritizes security through each phase of the records management process. We maintain a variety of industry-recognized certifications and security measures to ensure that your records are in safe hands. 


Maintaining the security and integrity of proprietary and personally identifiable information should be top-of-mind for every business. We will work with your organization to develop a records management plan that meets your industry-specific compliance requirements for storage and destruction services. 

Space Savings
When you outsource your records storage to Augusta Data Storage, your space savings can be huge. We’ve got the records archives covered so that you can maximize your office foot print to better serve your customers. 

Organization & Access

For over 30 years, Augusta Data Storage has been working to streamline and optimize our records management solutions. Our processes ensure that your records stay organized and filed within our facility and that approved parties can access them efficiently. 

Tight Chain of Custody

For each third-party vendor your organization partners with, you add an additional link in the chain of custody, increasing your vulnerability to threats. Our records storage facility offers comprehensive records management services to ensure a tight chain of custody and reduce opportunities for data loss or theft. 

Interested in learning more about our records storage facility? Get in touch today.


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"ADSI, provides on site secure shredding of your customer's private information, and can shreds it once again once it arrives at ADSI facility. Also they have a temperature controlled storage facility that can house records for as long as need be, for records that you need accesss to and don't want to shred."