Secure Facility

Augusta Data Storage, Inc. realizes the importance of laws such as HIPAA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley, as well as the implications that could result if security and confidentiality are breached. Augusta Data Storage, Inc. imposes strict policies and procedures to ensure the protection and security of our customer’s records.

24 Hour On-site Security & Monitoring

Secure Private Property

Augusta Data Storage, Inc.’s storage facility and offices are centrally monitored for fire and intrusion 24/7. The storage facility is protected by a “dry” fire suppression system. This means that the fire suppression system does not contain water until an actual fire has been detected. This eliminates the chance for accidental discharges or freezing. In addition to central monitoring, there is onsite security during non-business hours.

Our Secure Facility Solutions

Why choose Augusta Data Storage for your Security Solutions?

Pre-employment Screening

Pre-employment screening is performed on all applicants. Our pre-employment screening includes criminal, employment history, credit, workers compensation, Social Security as well as Motor Vehicle Records checks. All results from the screening process are reported back to our office within 24 hours.

Employee Confidentiality Agreements

Upon employment, all employees are trained on the proper policies and procedures regarding the sensitivity and confidentiality of our customer’s information. Upon completion of this orientation, all employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement between themselves and the company.

Restricted Access

Unauthorized and unescorted access to our facility is prohibited. All visitors are required to register upon arrival and are escorted at all times in secure areas of our facility.

Secure Loading & Unloading

Loading and unloading areas are secure. The loading and unloading areas are located inside our facility and are not accessible by the general public. When our vehicles are being loaded or unloaded the vehicle is secure at all times.

Secure Delivery Products

Once the material is retrieved from storage, the items are loaded onto our delivery vehicles for prompt delivery. Small items such as computer tapes are placed into a lockable container. Individual files are placed into a security pouch that is sealed for protection.

Secure Private Property

Augusta Data Storage, Inc. resides on a single tenant facility located on 9 acres. The complex is completely fenced with a single entrance and exit. Perimeter lighting is used on the complex for additional security and safety purposes.


"I've been dealing with ADSI for the better part of a year now. They are professional and really know how to operate. It's been a pleasure dealing with them and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend dealing with them."


"I have had the pleasure of consulting with Lindsey Longbottom on several moving and relocation projects, and he is one of the most professional, respectful and knowledgeable consultants in the industry. Together with ADSI, they are a top notch team of professionals that I would recommend to any customer, friend or family member."


"ADSI, provides on site secure shredding of your customer's private information, and can shreds it once again once it arrives at ADSI facility. Also they have a temperature controlled storage facility that can house records for as long as need be, for records that you need accesss to and don't want to shred."