Specialized Destruction

Augusta Data Storage offers a variety of off-site destruction services at our Augusta, GA shred plant. From documents to electronic waste, specialized media, and even proprietary products, our industrial shred plan can handle it all.

Secure Document Destruction

Protect Your Business

Our document destruction services meet industry standards and requirements for secure shredding services, and our NAID-AAA compliant processes are put in place to help protect you and your business.

SPECIALIZED DESTRUCTION -secure document destruction
Hard Drive Shredding

Ensured Destruction

Protecting the information stored on your end-of-life digital devices can be complicated. As information continues to surface about the threats of residual data left on outdated hard drives, secure destruction provides a safe and secure way to ensure the data left on your devices is inaccessible.


Zero-landfill Solutions

The environmental burden of electronic waste continues to increase. With upgraded device options appearing daily, the volume of devices found in landfills is growing at an alarming rate. Our e-cycling services are zero-landfill and ensure that hazardous materials are removed, while the remaining scrap is processed and recycled.

SPECIALIZED DESTRUCTION -media destruction services
Media Destruction

A Variety of Services

Augusta Data Storage is NAID-AAA Certified for a variety of media destruction services, including hard drives, solid state drives, LTO tapes, cell phones, and more. Our destruction process ensures your items are destroyed under industry guidelines and that destruction is properly documented for your records.

Product Destruction Services

Unique Bulk Shredding

If your organization has a large volume of specialized, dated, or branded products you no longer need or cannot sell, our product destruction services offer a unique solution. We offer bulk shredding and processing for a variety of items, using our large-scale industrial shredder.



"I've been dealing with ADSI for the better part of a year now. They are professional and really know how to operate. It's been a pleasure dealing with them and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend dealing with them."


"I have had the pleasure of consulting with Lindsey Longbottom on several moving and relocation projects, and he is one of the most professional, respectful and knowledgeable consultants in the industry. Together with ADSI, they are a top notch team of professionals that I would recommend to any customer, friend or family member."


"ADSI, provides on site secure shredding of your customer's private information, and can shreds it once again once it arrives at ADSI facility. Also they have a temperature controlled storage facility that can house records for as long as need be, for records that you need accesss to and don't want to shred."