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We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your business’ information. As threats to information security continue to evolve, we recognize that security and confidentiality remain a priority for our clients.

Certified Shredding

Secure Destruction

Augusta Data Storage is proud to offer NAID-AAA Certified destruction services for both records and hard drives. Our NAID Certification represents our commitment to security in managing various aspects of your records management process and ensures that, as your vendor, we are providing services compliant with the legal requirements of government regulations, such as HIPAA, FACTA, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), and others.

Our Standards and Ethics

Why choose Augusta Data Storage for Secure Shredding solutions?

What is NAID?

The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID®), now a part of i-SIGMA®,  is the watchdog association for secure shredding operators worldwide. The mission of NAID, and parent group i-SIGMA® is to promote the proper information lifecycle management to meet evolving regulatory requirements. The NAID® AAA certification is a program with a robust set of requirements and obligations, monitored through a series of scheduled and unannounced audits of certified vendors throughout the year.

NAID-AAA Certified

Augusta Data Storage maintains NAID-AAA Certification for both mobile and plant-based document destruction, as well as mobile and plant-based hard drive destruction services. The certification requirements outline a variety of process controls, including:

  • Employee screening and security checks
  • Operational security requirements
  • Facility security requirements
  • Destruction process requirements
  • Overall organizational requirements

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Consider More Than Cost When Choosing a Secure Shredding Partner

October 12, 2018
Finding a trusted partner to handle secure shredding of your confidential records requires due diligence on the part of the customer. It’s important that you are taking a variety of factors into consideration when choosing a vendor, not just price or availability. If price is your biggest consideration, it’s worth considering what you will be getting for your money. Many companies are able to shred your documents at your facility or schedule appointments for large-scale purge jobs, but what other safe-guards do those organizations have in place to protect your information? If you are considering finding a secure destruction partner for the first time, or you are on the hunt for a new vendor in the coming year, here are a few things to consider about the process. 

Paper Collection: 

Is your partner providing you with tools and resources for secure paper collection in the time between scheduled secure shredding? If you are not securing your paper waste between visits, your information is still at risk, even if you’re storing it in your office. Even if you are storing it in a locked cabinet, consider the extra cost of using that storage space to lock away paper waste. As a part of all of our scheduled shredding contracts, our customers are provided secure, locked collection containers to deposit their paper waste into between scheduled service dates.  

Best Practices & Legal Requirements:

Are you or someone from your organization keeping up with the best practices for managing and maintaining secure destruction services within your organization? This would include things like tracking destruction, knowing the specific requirements for destruction in your industry and keeping up with changing laws regarding information security, destruction tracking, and more. Secure Shredding is our business, which means we stay up-to-date on ways to ensure we are keeping your records safe, throughout their useful life. This includes our processes and personnel, who are background checked, trained and uniformed so you always know who is handling your records. Additionally, for those needing to witness destruction, our newest shred truck has a video monitoring system that allows you to watch your documents as they are destructed in the locked shredding unit; or you can schedule an appointment at our shred facility for larger destruction jobs. 

Secure Shredding Certifications: 

When vetting your vendors for secure destruction, it’s worth looking for those who hold certifications specific to document destruction. The requirements for certification can give you a detailed look at how their process is monitored and audited to maintain high-security, high-quality destruction processes. Augusta Data Storage is NAID AAA certified for Document Destruction & Hard Drive/ E-waste Destruction. This certification comes with a list of required items across a variety of areas including:
  • Employee Screening
  • Operational Security
  • Facility Security
  • Destruction Processes
  • General Company Requirements
  • Scheduled and unannounced audits, annually
By maintaining the requirements of this certification, we are able to help ensure you are meeting compliance requirements for document destruction within your industry. 

Add-On Services: 

Another point to consider is consolidation of additional services. When shopping for a vendor, it’s worth looking for one that is able to offer you a variety of record storage and management solutions. At Augusta Data Storage we are able to assist with your information security throughout the document life cycle. From long-term Records Storage to secure destruction and more, we are positioned to offer assistance with your records management process from start to finish. If your office is heavy on digital record management, we can help with document imaging to convert your archived paper records for your new digital setup. In addition, our facility includes a climate controlled media vault for secure storage of backup discs and drives. On the destruction side, we can help you securely destroy paper records, hard drives, and other electronic waste as a part of our NAID AAA certified process. 

Consider Value, not price

When it comes to finding the best vendor to suit your needs, it’s important to consider the value of the services you are getting. Dig deeper and take a closer look at what a vendor is positioned to offer you and the additional benefits it can bring to your company. If you are interested in learning more about our secure shredding services or any of our records management processes, contact us today! We look forward to talking with you.  Read More

Take a Look Inside the NAID AAA Certification Process

August 2, 2018

As most of our customers know, we are proud to be a NAID AAA certified operation for on-site and mobile document destruction, as well as hard-drive destruction. But, did you know that our organization works year-round to ensure that we maintain the strict requirements of this certification as we work to improve and streamline our processes?


That’s right, our NAID AAA Certification requires us to keep information security top-of-mind in our organization, each and every day.




The National Association for Information Destruction, NAID for short, is the international trade association for those organizations providing information destruction services. Their mission is to help promote the information destruction industry as well as the standards and ethics of its member companies. This organization developed and maintains the AAA certification process through a series of scheduled and unannounced audits of its members throughout the year.


Since September of 2009, Augusta Data Storage has been a NAID AAA certified service provider for secure document destruction, and in October 2016, we received the same certification for our hard-drive destruction processes.



These certifications come with a strict set of rules and requirements for various parts of our process and facility, from screening employees to maintaining restricted facility access, installing closed caption surveillance systems, documenting the destruction and more. When an audit takes place, whether announced or unannounced, there is a list of over 50 items that will be monitored to ensure the highest level of security is maintained within our operations.


Here is a snapshot of some of the items that make this certification process so robust:



  • Employees handling records or hard drives for destruction must have an up-to-date employment history
  • On-going drug screening and criminal background checks



  • In-depth policies and procedures manuals for our destruction processes are required
  • Employees must be trained on NAID-AAA compliant procedures for destruction and information handling
  • Proof of destruction documents must be provided to all customers
  • All collected materials must be protected from loss due to tipping, wind, or other weather conditions.
  • Facility visitors must ALWAYS check-in and receive a visitors badge and be escorted by an Access Employee at all times.
  • Items waiting for destruction must be kept in a designated secure, restricted access area.
  • Monitored Alarm System on required destruction facilities.
  • Closed Caption Surveillance with a backlog of 90 days of footage is required


  • There are strict requirements for the final shredded size of paper going through our shred plants and mobile operations
  • For hard-drives and digital media, specific information must be tracked and reported to the customer for proof of destruction
  • Agreements for Reasonable Disposal of the Materials
  • Transfer of Custody Documentation


  • Business License
  • Proof of General Liability Insurance





Apart from providing additional layers of security for your information throughout the destruction process, the NAID AAA certification process is specifically designed to meet a variety of the requirements outlined in the numerous laws and regulations developed to protect confidential customer and consumer information. These laws include:


  • FACTA Final Disposal Rule requires the destruction of all consumer information before it is discarded. Covered entities must monitor compliance of any organization contracted to destroy consumer records.
  • The FACTA Red Flags Rule requires audits of data-related vendors with access to personal information of customers.
  • Under HIPAA, covered entities may be subject to civil penalties for misconduct of its business associates that lead to a security breach. Working with a NAID certified vendor reduces the risk.
  • Business associates of covered entities must comply with technical, administrative and physical safeguard requirements under the HIPAA Security Rule. For more information on HIPAA, see “Common misconceptions about HIPAA and data destruction.”
  • The media destruction specifications of PCI compliance require the following, all of which NAID certification requires and verifies:
    • 9.10.1.a: Verify that hard copy materials are crosscut shredded, incinerated or pulped such that there is reasonable assurance the hard copy materials cannot be reconstructed.
    • 9.10.1.b: Examine storage containers used for information to be destroyed to verify the containers are secured. For example, verify that a to-be-shred container has a lock preventing access to its contents.
    • 9.10.2: Verify that cardholder data on electronic media is rendered unrecoverable via a secure wipe program in accordance with industry-accepted standards for secure deletion or otherwise physically destroying the media (e.g., degaussing).

[ Information provided by the National Association for Information Destruction ]




The security of your information, whether paper or digital, should be a high priority for any business, especially in today’s world of increased data security threats. One of the best ways you can ensure that your information is safe is to work with third-party vendors who maintain the same belief in the value of securing information as you do.

As a long-standing member of NAID and a AAA Certified member, Augusta Data Storage recognizes the importance of maintaining the security of your information throughout the lifecycle of your paper and digital records. Our operation is designed to ensure that your records stay secure until they are completely destroyed, according to industry standards. Our employees are uniformed, trained, and insured to provide the maximum level of security and service when handling your confidential records.


If you are interested in learning more about our organization or how our secure destruction process can help you, contact us today.

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