We Recycle

What happens to your shredded documents?

They're recycled! Taking the appropriate steps to shred your records with Augusta Data Storage doesn’t just protect your information; it also helps to protect the environment.


Recycling with GP Harmon

At Augusta Data Storage, we are proud to partner with a company right here in Georgia to recycle all the paper pulp that we create throughout the year. When you drop your papers into our secure shred bins you can rest assured that we are taking steps to reduce the impact that office waste has on our local landfill space, energy use, living trees, and more.

DOCUMENT SHREDDING - WE RECYCLE - recycling with gp harmon
Our Process

You Dispose

Once your paper records become outdated and you decide it’s time to securely dispose of them using our secure shredding service, you will either drop them into one of our secure shred containers or contact us for bulk purge shredding. Either way, you can rest assured that the information will remain protected through the end of it’s useful life.

We Shred

Once you schedule your service, we will either stop by on your regularly scheduled shred service date and empty your secure shred bin, or make an appointment to perform a bulk purge shred of your outdated records. During this process, the paper is shredded as a part of our NAID-AAA Certified shredding process either at your location via our mobile shred units, or in house at our shred plant.

We Process & Bale

Regardless of the service type you select, all of our shredded paper pulp is processed and baled at our facility. These bales are then stored until they can be picked up for recycling.

Our Partners Recycle

Once we have processed and baled the paper, the paper pulp bales are picked up by GP Harmon and recycled to make new products.

When you trust Augusta Data Storage with your secure shredding service, you can rest assured that we are working to help protect your information and the environment!


"I've been dealing with ADSI for the better part of a year now. They are professional and really know how to operate. It's been a pleasure dealing with them and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend dealing with them."


"I have had the pleasure of consulting with Lindsey Longbottom on several moving and relocation projects, and he is one of the most professional, respectful and knowledgeable consultants in the industry. Together with ADSI, they are a top notch team of professionals that I would recommend to any customer, friend or family member."


"ADSI, provides on site secure shredding of your customer's private information, and can shreds it once again once it arrives at ADSI facility. Also they have a temperature controlled storage facility that can house records for as long as need be, for records that you need accesss to and don't want to shred."