Off-line Backup Protection

As the volume of data and information generated by businesses continues to grow, so will the need to backup and protect that information. The amount of cloud-based backup solutions has grown over the last decade, but so have the threats to information stored and archived online. Off-line backup options create an additional layer of security for one of the most valuable assets of your business, your information.

Off-line Backups

Secure Critical Records

While the immediate access of cloud-based backups offers convenience and around-the-clock access to information, there are some situations, in which off-line backups provide additional layers of protection for businesses. As threats to digital information continue to grow, having your critical records are backed-up off-line ensures that your business can still operate, even if a breach or attempted hack occurs.

The vault at Augusta Data Storage provides an off-site, secure, and climate controlled location for storing your backup devices, such as hard drives, solid state drives, and more.

Full Service Flexibility

Why choose Augusta Data Storage for your Backup Solutions?


Purchasing large amounts of cloud-based storage for your archived business records can be expensive. As you move records to archive storage and out of your active files, creating off-line backups of those archived files allows you to free up space on your active servers and also ensures additional layers of protection for your historical data.


In the event of a catastrophic emergency, such as a flood, fire, or natural disaster, having access to off-line backups can help limit downtime and potential information loss. Industry experts recommend creating layered backup systems that include both cloud-based and off-line backups of critical information and records, as well as an off-line backup stored at an off-site location. These layered approaches create additional protections for your business and your customers if disaster strikes and ensure that you have access to the information your business needs to maintain business as usual, even after a disaster has occurred.


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