Information Security Threats Likely Happening in Your Office

Managing information security is an on-going process that requires education and understanding from each member of your organization, from upper management all the way down to your part-time employees, and even interns.   From managing personal records via the computer to maintaining paper files, understanding the risks and working every day to prevent accidental breaches. . . [Full Article]

Take a Look Inside the NAID AAA Certification Process

As most of our customers know, we are proud to be a NAID AAA certified operation for on-site and mobile document destruction, as well as hard-drive destruction. But, did you know that our organization works year-round to ensure that we maintain the strict requirements of this certification as we work to improve and streamline our. . . [Full Article]

What is E-Waste?

If you’re using any type of electronic devices, chances are you’re generating e-waste. According to a recent National Geographic article, the average American household generates over 176 pounds of electronic waste every year, and that e-waste accounts for over 70% of the toxic heavy-metal waste found in many of the world’s landfills. But, what IS e-waste, and what. . . [Full Article]

5 Tips for Keeping Your Documents Secure [VIDEO]

As theft of personal or financial information continues to grown, so does the importance of protecting the private information of your business or organization, which is why we want to share 5 easy tips with you today to help keep your records secure.   STEP 1: Develop a Record Retention Policy Having a plan in. . . [Full Article]

Risks of Mishandled Electronic Waste

Information storage has made a major shift over the last decade and while paper records are still prevalent, many businesses have made the switch to digital archiving and record keeping. There are many benefits, including saved storage space, ability to access records anywhere, and less paper waste. However, most businesses don’t consider what to do. . . [Full Article]