Augusta Data Storage Offers New Secure Collection Containers for Electronic Devices


At Augusta Data Storage, we are always looking for ways to meet the growing needs of our customer base in the CSRA. We pride ourselves on being a solutions-driven service provider, and we recently got to put our problem-solving skills to the task!

For many of our customers, the convenience and security of our collection containers for paper shredding are a vital element in their information destruction process. Knowing that they have a secure, designated location where they can deposit records and documents that are picked up for secure destruction regularly provides peace of mind.

Secure E-waste Destruction

Since 2012, Augusta Data Storage has been a local provider for e-waste destruction, offering secure destruction of hard drives and other end-of-life electronic devices. One of our customers recently approached us about having a collection container to collect electronic devices, similar to the one they use for paper, so we got to work looking for the perfect solution.

For this customer, a significant portion of their operation involves IT repair, and they are contracted to repair and replace hard drives, phones, and tablets for various customers and government organizations. Their on-site techs needed a secure place to deposit hard drives that they replaced so that they were safe until they could be picked up for destruction.

We reached out to our suppliers for our larger paper collection bins, and they built a solution that would meet all the needs of the customer. Our new electronic waste receptacles are smaller containers with a slot wide enough to receive hard drives, phones and tablets. Inside the slot, there are large plastic teeth, which prevent items from being taken out of the slot, once inserted.

Our New Secure E-waste Collection Containers

Just like our paper collection containers, Augusta Data Storage empties these e-waste collection bins during the customer’s regularly scheduled service dates, and the items inside are shredded to meet NAID AAA Standards for secure destruction.

With this solution in place, our customer is now able to ensure that the items they collect in e-waste bins are secure and that they can maintain the requirements for chain of custody in their operations.